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NASA is warning
World's going to end
If you've got some money
It's last chance to spend
A gigantic rock piece
Is coming for us
To show us some magic
And turn into dust

I ring up my girlfriend
I tell her I leave
Her eyes burst in tears and
She hide them in sleeve
Some people are praying
Some having sex
I've got some hour
To call her my ex

I'm eating my sandwich
Sky's turning red
It's surely the last time
I bite into bread
Whatever comes after
It's over right now
I'd like to survive but
Hell, I don't know how

It finally hits then
Our planet in face
The nature is showing
Its greatest disgrace
Everything's burning
From buildings to grass
If you survived shockwave
You'll be poisoned by gas

beerhungry 7 Aug 25
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Is this a metamorphic thought? like my ex is still stuck in my memory and the new dose not measure up even though the ex is destructive to you emotions.

azzow2 Level 9 Aug 25, 2018

it is, I was really worried about some stuff when I wrote this

but that verse about girlfriend I added later


I never thought of greeting the apocalypse with a picnic lunch. Nice meter for such a dark poem.

pixiedust Level 8 Aug 25, 2018