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Fall in Eden

The fall is coming to Eden
With lavenders in its hand
Everywhere beauty explodes
To wither and die on the sand

Yellow and red fallen leaves
Lies under your bare feet
Fruits are tasty like never
They are all ready and sweet

You cautiously try one of them
And then one more or two
The knowledge tree is all naked
But you still don't know what to do

You only know you'll be leaving
And you know that nobody hates
You pick up your fallen heart
And decorate the exit gates

I know that winter will follow
With darkness and cold over land
But I'm still enjoying the fall
With lavenders in its hand

beerhungry 7 Oct 8
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Vivid observation almost no one thinks of unbreaking a heart mostly they want a cure for being lonely. Good write.

azzow2 Level 9 Oct 8, 2018