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Heartbreak walking
It's not your looks, your wit
your walk or
your talk -
You're danger!
For the unaware
with unencumbered hearts.
of your boyish charm!
Disguising what should be
a heart
but instead -
is a skull and cross bones.
No reciprocation-
your shell of a soul
has been left
For She who lies, deceives-
manipulator extraordinaire!
Holds your heart captive
and you-her schlemiel-
poor you -
are but a proxy
of the man
you could be -
you used to be-
reduced to
a living, breathing
simply waiting to befall
poor fools
like me

Dee138 6 Nov 5
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Think you described 3/4 of the population scheming. Interesting write

azzow2 Level 9 Nov 5, 2018

She's not very nice.

Schlemiel is new to me but I suppose any New Yorker knows it.

brentan Level 8 Nov 5, 2018

Actually - I'm native Californian. This isn't meant to be cruel. So many are walking around with their hearts stolen by the careless. They try to make new connections - but can't because of that torch they carry for someone in the past. They don't mean to, but they break the hearts of others - who are open to love.