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I was asked recently why I was a friend to someone who has difficulty keeping friends...

I know the emptiness
-after a long trying day-
coming home to
absolutely no one.
I know the insatiable longing
to share good and bad
as free time is filled
with reruns.
I know the regrets
of a past filled
with lovers come
and gone.
I feel the hunger
that can drive one
down reckless and
very dead ends.
I understand the
holes in a soul
that often feels
more lost than found.
Emptiness, longing, regret, hunger and holes
are in my mirror
That's why we are friends -
your mirror reflects
the same...

Dee138 6 Feb 2
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Strong. Emotive. Good work.


It is a sad thing that not even one person can have the patient to be tolerant. Good write

azzow2 Level 9 Feb 2, 2019

Very nice

Thanks 🙂