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YOU, ME, THE DRUGS (part 1)
• knowing the outcome we just kept playing,
Every round lost we kept fading.
• Feeling like were invincable untouchable,
The end of the story is predictable,
• our hearts knew to stop while ahead,
But couldnt resist the good time in bed.
• My mind started to step in cracks n holes,
causing me to crash into burning hot coals.
• every devistating thought,
What happened to us my heart fought...

Tell me what u think so far (ruff draft)
(part 2)
•made to believe feelings were understood,
Thought our love was strong i thought we could,
• we agreed if resumed we could not be as one,
Leaned n protected dreaming that we won.....
• every sight seen was clouded with dark smoke
Tempting and pushing until the last thread broke.
• exhausted and beaten there was no more fight,
Our surrender to come.. ripped us was light.
• each mystical spark darkens as it gose,
Blinded by sight the heart than froze,

...its a never ending fight...

recovering addict (6 months clean)

Miizzunderstood 4 Feb 5
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Congrats on staying clean. stay strong !

Thank you


LOVE!!! That'd make a killer ballad!


That's pretty good ??

Thank you