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We leave our bodies just at the moment before the tiger eats us.

This is what I was told by a friend once when we were talking about love being all consuming.

We leave our bodies first because the fear of being eaten alive is overwhelming.

After, we do it time and time again because the fear of not being consumed becomes the tiger itself.

—Carole J. Sheehan

Ceejay66 3 Apr 2
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There is a Griffin story in there somewhere.

azzow2 Level 9 Apr 2, 2019

Hmmm. Not sure. Perhaps, but the Griffin’s symbolism doesn’t apply here or does it? Connect the dots for me please. I’m curious.

@Ceejay66 There is no word for a winged tiger I thought Griffin was about as close to that as could be. So like words, a winged tiger would be about as dangerous as being as vulnerable as love can make us.

@azzow2 I can see how a winged tiger could be so dangerous. Thanks for your response.


Like button still not working. Interesting. The last line really threw me. I'm still thinking about it.

Mine is functional for now.