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New here (be gentle lol). Let me know what you think of this :
-Dear spectator, don't you dare!
-Don't try to help me; just stare.
-Excuse my lack of manners and of flair
-For my pain is one that few men can bear

-My thoughts are my enemies, you see.
-They cut and dig deep within me,
-Bloodlessly and as quietly as can be.
-Having nowhere, nor way, to flee,
-I am further tortured by the fantasy of being free

-Dark, as they are, the memories stood,
-Inflicting as much pain as they could,
-Skulking like a sinister devil would.
-Out of the room and into the neighborhood,
-I thought and thought and finally understood.

-I understood entirely what I went through.
-I also accepted it as just and true.
-Indeed, as you have done, there shall be done unto you.
-Even worse, all that I already knew.
-My hope perished and the bird before me flew.

-As I readied the noose, oh, what a relief!
-My emancipation has come and overthrown my grief.
-I was free at last, like an autumn leaf,
-While others stared at my corpse in shock and disbelief.

Alaeddine 1 May 7
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Try clerihew:

PhD Alaeddine
All somewhat anodyne
Made zoetic and noetic
Giving me the Edgar's All poetic

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