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The Liars Prayer
By Dr. Chris Walmsley
And Len Hazell

Oh Lord our father, all I ask
Give me this day my daily mask
For I can't stand this thing I am
So, let me be another man.

From out the sack I'll lose the cat
When I admit the truth is that
From films I've seen and books I've read
Comes all I am and all I've said.

So like an onion shedding skins
I'll lose myself and all my sins
Confession that will cleanse my soul
Will leave me small but leave me whole.

Here a man of my own making
Naked, cold, alone and shaking
Standing in the light revealing
That for mercy I'm appealing.

The cynic of the middling years
This bitter age of scalding tears
A time long past the bloom of youth
Has in me burn’d the acid truth.

For Love is not the answer to
The question we all ask
But envy is the face that hides
Behind the golden masque.

So Lord our father, all I ask
Give me this day my daily mask
For I cannot be this thing I am
Let me become another man.

LenHazell53 9 May 11
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