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A Tale About Nothing

On an Indian package holiday
Went Mr and Mrs Slim
And, being "the trip of a lifetime",
Took their 8 year old boy, young Tim.
They were on a Jumbo safari
When two steeds decided on fun.
Tim saw the massive organ
And, naturally, asked his mum.
"It's nothing." She said, all embarrassed,
So Tim then asked his dad.
"Ask your mum." Replied .
"I've already done that!" Cried the lad.
"Mum said it was really nothing,
A trifle, unworthy and sad."
"Ah well,"replied Tim's proudly,
"I guess she's just spoiled, my lad."

Petter Finne
Petter 8 May 20
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@admin I've just had to edit this post. Somehow, two words entirely disappeared. I pasted it in complete from the Windows Notepad.

Petter Level 8 May 20, 2018

Could you tell me which words went missing? Also, you can see the fancy "poem" tags if you try to edit it again (I added it for you).

@Admin Daddy and it's gone again! (ask your mum replied daddy, and replied Tim's daddy proudly)
Thanks for the pointer to the tags. .. and thanks for the site.

@AMNOTGOD I'm special - didn't you know? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


"Oh Madame, tu es trΓ¨s blasΓ©. " πŸ˜‰


Naughty! And great.