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Write a poem! Please keep under 35 lines! Write about anything you wish! Please, easy on the profanity!

Write a poem! Please keep under 35 lines! Write about anything you wish! Please, easy on the profanity!

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Oct 15, 2019Oct 2019

Posted by Remiforce
MY AGE IS IMPATIENT. It must be now, for I feel the crush of eternity, which will scatter my memories like precious diamonds, falling heedlessly into the dark ocean of unknowing. So sweet, soft naked nights of passion, full open mouthed kisses, ...
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Oct 20, 2018Oct 2018

Posted by nutrition_nerd
Thunder My body trembling with tears that racked my body and shook me to my core. I wanted to make love to you, beneath the starry sky of a moonless desert summer night.  But I could never tell you that. They'd have to torture me, to get me ...
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Sep 2, 2018Sep 2018

Posted by peststudio
The sun danced a waltz on your eyelashes While my hair went flying Drawing a wild form of calligraphy in the wind Your lips Soft as the sand beneath my feet In them I sink And swell Like the ocean tides Like a loaf of newly baked bread The camera A ...
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Aug 21, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by Eldovis
The First Kiss I discovered a moment Over your warm lips A sweet moment There was no flavor of yes or not No bird singing or violins playing Time just stood still Just for a moment Few seconds An eternity!
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Jul 22, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by JTony
Spitting in the Kook-Ade I made a promise I intended with all my heart To keep You spit in it Like you’d spit in The third coke refill For a customer You already knew Wasn’t leaving a tip I thought I was drinking The kool-ade Of our ...
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Jul 13, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by egyptrican
Memories of My Ancestors In my dreams I can hear as they whisper Silent echoes reach out from the past Everywhere that I go they are with me Memories in my soul they have cast Many hundreds of years separate us But through ages their forces endured...
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Jul 10, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by azzow2
Arch of the heart: The pole I grip a quip in the crosshairs. I dare not flinch is silence my breath a gasp could shatter my dare. On my knee, steady as can be is my bravery is an eternity fall back on the past that was hurried and harry. The ...
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Jun 28, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by RaaChenn
DARK ETERNITY I am death with a baby's face A thief of life in a life of waste Another X-moonie, another head case And I'm coming after U Doesn't matter what I've been Struggles external, struggles within Maybe I'm thirty or a hundred and...
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Jun 8, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by pixiedust
I used to write name poems for people in my set. I remember bits and pieces of some of them. Oddly, this is the only one I remember in its entirety. Sleep, sweet embrace of death, There is little time left. Endless wand'rings of my mind Visit places...
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Jun 6, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by Ciravolostone
So this is one of my favorites. Beauty Screams. It is about the fleeting nature of physical beauty. Something I know a great deal about because I am so hideous. I hope you like it but if not then feel free to tear it apart. but use your teeth :) ...
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May 4, 2018May 2018

Posted by pan_heathen97
This is a poem I wrote about a year ago when I was still a Christian. It’s similar to my last poem, but it’s a bit darker and more personal. Enough of the heartbreak, enough of the pain. Just let me live one day where I’m feeling sane. I ...

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Posted by AllamandaNot in the current meaning of 'dog-whistle' but I think people will like this poem.

Posted by TO_BYEntangled Particles

Posted by TO_BYGraphis (Graphic Poem)

Posted by TO_BYGraphis (graphic poem)

Posted by neutralite[] today... was a day. ✂️ Squeak in the music room on this site, that's what to do.

Posted by RemiforceDEATH IS SO FINAL--Youth La Boheme days in our small boyhood town, drinking cheap wine, smoking grass all night in some artist's studio, staggering forth into the bleary translucent twilight dawn.

Posted by RemiforceWHEN MY BROTHER LEFT FOR NAM--We looked across the field of death & maiming, in our youthful half knowing, the war raging in the media suddenly close & personal,like a car crash We drank to ...

Posted by RemiforceMY AGE IS IMPATIENT.

Posted by BohoHeathenThis is just a poem of past experiences.

Posted by PetterAbstinence indeed!

Posted by AstralSmokeWanting Wanting to be broken utterly split apart with a mighty tearing like an apple broken to unfold the delicate open veined petal pattern inside the fruit .

Posted by MiizzunderstoodWE WILL BE HOME SOON MOM.

Posted by Stargazer13And this is what you mean to me… That I see beauty and feel lovely in a dark, broken and rusted world Because you love me, I’ve been brave And opened into full bloom beneath the gaze of ...

Posted by Stargazer13Dog days are over Picking every four leaf clover Gonna break out of every box they put me in This soul is hungry and divine sugar my sin Personal evolution Fated love the revolution Raw ...

Posted by Stargazer13I've heard the stories of your empty world Devoid of soft touches And the rare souls that cross lifetimes, to see again through eyes captured in silent and consummate knowing I've listened to ...

Posted by EldovisWing Of Desire From your woman body Like a wing was born my desire It grew from your body entire From your feet to your hips From your light waist To your shoulders spring Like a wing was ...

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