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I don't know if I had heard of this band before, or just forgot about them, but I like this one. It's a perfect Summer time sound. From Ireland, The Boomtown Rats - Here's A Postcard

RhondaShotwell 7 July 15
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Your summers are more bouncy than mine! Postcards! Been a long time.


Ah yes….Sir Bob and “the Rats”….! I love him…he’s one of the Good Guys in my eyes!

Marionville Level 10 July 15, 2022

The Boomtown Rats had the hit, "I Don't like Mondays," based on the reply of a 16 year-old-girl in San Diego after shooting up a school yard and killing some people when asked why she did the crime. They were Bob Geldof's band, part of New Wave. Geldof was one of the key people behind LiveAid in 85.

I was living in San Diego when that tragedy occurred - now such things feel so common place (sorry, this probably isn't the place to talk about such stuff).

@Beowulfsfriend It’s as good a place to talk about it as anywhere else. The real tragedy is these school shootings are still happening… even have increased in frequency. My fear is that because politicians have been unable in the ensuing years to enact effective gun-control laws due to lobbying from the NRA and right-wing interest groups, arming teachers and turning schools into fortresses will become increasingly the norm in America. This is not normal and should never ever be viewed as such.

I remember Geldof's name, but couldn't remember from where.

@Marionville Unfortunately you are right. Mass shootings are getting to be common here in the US. We don't seem to have the number of politicians that want to get something more substantial done.

@RhondaShotwell The USA is ruled by big money political "donations", properly called lucrative investments. Sadly we have them in Canada as well, just not on the same scale. Here in BC our last 1000 year old trees are worth lots as wood chips and the mostly American lumber companies bribe our provincial government to destroy all that they can. Similarly mining companies and oil and gas. Thankfully our gun lobby is not nearly as strong as the NRA.

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