6 6 about this hauntingly beautiful opera aria?

Reignmond 7 Mar 21
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Lovely voice

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 22, 2022

The singer has a lovely voice.

My mother loved opera. Crescendo topping crescendo. Like fingernails on a blackboard.

I prefer slower jazz. I play jazz flute. For me, music needs to resolve back to the harmony. Love music in a minor key. It's expressive and melodic. "When Sunny Gets Blue" springs to mind.

Major key is like marches: "Bridge Over the River Kwai."

Can't stand jazz trumpet player Miles Davis whose music goes off into outer space and never returns. Jarring.

This will sound odd, but to me Opera is kinda like Rap. I say I don't like it, and then a piece comes along that I love.

For me Jazz has two forms, That which sounds like music (Dixieland, Ragtime, Big Band,....) and the type which is a cacophony of noise, where it sounds like the band is tunning-up the instruments before they play, but they never actually play music. Sort of like the difference between a Monet and a Pollock painting. One is a beautiful work of art and the other is the dropcloth.

This isn’t actually an opera aria Kathleen…only sung in the style of one , it was written for an anime film. I didn’t want to be pedantic and contradict what was written in the post’s headline …but in the interests of accuracy I am pointing that out now. It is however,, a very lovely song.


Beautiful…the Japanese Co-writers did a good job on the music, and the singer has a lovely voice on this cover. Did you know of this, the original Elfen Lied…or Fairy Song, music by Austrian composer Hugo Wolf libretto by Eduard Morike written in 1830, and based on a poem orginally written by Goethe in 1780.



Really lovely voice. All look very young, so nice to see them playing this music. 😉

The singer has an amazing voice.


Episode 1 of Elfen Lied...

Reignmond Level 7 Mar 21, 2022


Not available to me.

@Marionville It is age restricted.

@rogerbenham It is a bit violent and gory for a cartoon.

The song is extraordinary, but I'm not sure that Elfen Lied is the best series to introduce people to anime?

@Lauren Perhaps you missed my previous post on Violet Evergarden?

@Reignmond Oh, apologies about that, Violet Evergarden is an excellent introduction. But Elfin Lied had some of the bloodiest scenes I'd seen in an anime at the time...that and Berserk are two of the darkest anime that I would have a hard time rewatching.

@Lauren Well anime is not like cartoons. I see anime as maturing into an entertainment / story telling vehicle similar to traditional folk tales. They too were not Disney-esque (I do have a disdain of Disney). Rather they were intended to prepare the audience for the harshness of life, or to impart social expectations.

@Reignmond Oh, I'm very familiar with anime (and some animation, not Disney or cartoons). It's my favorite genre. But there are still some that plumb depths beyond the harshness of life, and into the disturbing.

@Reignmond She (M) is much too young!


About the song...


Reignmond Level 7 Mar 21, 2022
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