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🎶🥂💕 Happy New Year to all…and it wouldn’t be New Year’s Day without a visit to Vienna for the annual New Year’s Day Concert which is being televised as I post this. The last piece on the programme performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will be, as always, Johann Strauss the elder’s Radetzky March. This piece of music was written in 1848 to honour Austrian military hero Field Marshal Josef Radetzky von Radetz.

Marionville 10 Jan 1
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War must have been a disgusting business then ... just as bas as those fought with swords.

All war is hellish…

@Marionville But exceedingly profitable for a few.

@rogerbenham Sadly true!


A once favourite of mine! I'm not as lively now!'

Who is?

@Marionville Cliff Richard? Mick Jagger?

@rogerbenham Oh please…not that pair. Cliff is like a waxwork dummy he’s so full of silicone and Jagger well who knows what substances he’s taking…but he looks like a dried up prune, not that he ever looked much better!

@Marionville No disagreements from me!

@rogerbenham Is general consensus breaking out between us this year Roger?

@Marionville We are ageing gracefully together!


Hope you have a great 2023 Marje. Hope is better. I didn't want to alarm anyone but I tested positive for covid about 6 weeks ago, even after all the vaccines & boosters.. I am fine and well now, it was pretty mild case.

Ray13 Level 8 Jan 1, 2023

Oh I’m pleased to hear you’ve fully recovered. It was mild because you were well vaccinated Ray I think.

@Marionville : Yes, I'm sure the vaccines helped. I had colds that made me sicker than the covid did. I was actually surprised I tested positive.

@Ray13 I still haven’t had Covid …but I’m just recovered from a horrendous cold and chest infection. I had it during my time with Neil over Christmas, but luckily the antibiotic I got before I travelled kicked in and dealt with the infection quite well. I have only really felt better since yesterday.

@Marionville: Glad you are better. Colds & flus are really hard to avoid, unless you want to become a recluse.🤣

Towards the end of my 6 weeks in Prince Rupert hospital, due to another in my ward found to have Covid, I was tested and found positive for Covid, Four of us were buddled into a closed ward and spent 10 days together with nurses coming in dressed for the moon. They were positive I had Covid but I had zero symptoms and meanwhile, my overall sickness improved. I'd had Covid in January, so maybe that was why. Anyway, at the end of 10 days or so they said I'd had Covid but I no longer had.

@rogerbenham Glad you nade it through. At the early months of covid I had some very close friends die from it, that was before vaccines were produced.

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