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Hello everyone....can I ask you to consider whether the music you are posting in this group is different enough from the mainstream to consider it World Music. I think there are sufficient other music groups which cover the well known artists and bands from the American/British, mainly English speaking music market, that can accommodate these posts, so can we keep this group for other parts of the world, International, not the domestic mainstream. Other languages, continents and cultures can be explored here, they wouldn’t fit so well in any of the other music groups. I thank you for your co-operation in this respect.

Marionville 9 Mar 27
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Yes, the ones I have posted are.


Mas Ladama.

BDair Level 7 Nov 15, 2019

Very happy sound..!


I just submitted a piece that could be in numerous categories. The music group seems to be expanding and getting more complicated. Sure you want me here???

JackPedigo Level 9 Oct 26, 2019

I’ve just taken a look...don’t really think it’s a great fit here, but leave it this time. I think if you also post it in the general forum under the heading of Music, Movies, Books it nay reach a wider audience,

@Marionville Just like life this site is getting complicated. General; on the main page or general under general topics or general forum? There are also several music groups as well???

@JackPedigo Just click on posts..not in any specific groups, just on the main page and after type your text and post the video you will be asked to select a on Music, Movies, Books and it will be shown in the main feed for that’s separate from all the music groups which you have to join, the main forum is open to everyone to make posts.


Does Afro-Cuban qualify as World Music? And Arab Jazz?

Red_Cat Level 7 Aug 28, 2019’s not UK/US mainstream music can be considered world music,

@Marionville Thanks. Glad you stepped in as Mod by the way 🙂

@Red_Cat I inherited the group...and a few others, but I’m happy to do it,

@Marionville just listened to Mayito Rivera on another thread...what a fantastic way to answer my own question. I hope GipsyOfNewSpain finds his 50 year-old version.


We THANK YOU for moderating these groups! 😀

Had to step in, I already hinted,..but!

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