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Why put the clock one hour forward when you are still living 120 years in the past?

It suddenly dawned on me that here in the arse end of Victoria, a southern state of a continent located on the arse end of the world that last Sunday morning when everyone put their clocks forward by one hour to accommodate daylight saving for townies a big mistake was made!
Why put the clock one hour forward when you are still living 120 years in the past?
And what prompted that comment? It was the realisation this morning that nose to kerb angle parking on the main street is not to accommodate modern citizens but for the ease of hitching your non existant horse to the kerb's non-existant hitching rail!
Bugger the danger created by reversing out into oncoming traffic, the danger of not being able to see around monstrous 4WD's high bodies, the danger of having to step into the road to put shopping bags in the car boot!

Welcome to Victoria the "Education State"¹ that is alternatively "Going Places"¹ in the Clever Country.

¹Victorian Government Approved name on Vehicle licence plates.

FrayedBear 9 Oct 7
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Still a curfew happening? If so, a bit nasty, rubbing it in like.

powder Level 8 Oct 7, 2020

No curfew now but still a lot of restrictions.

Lol I never knew that we had a curfew. 😂 Shows how long since I had a night out!