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Seems our Defense minister is flying to Japan to have ""vaccine" talks

Same story in RT.......but differing reasoning for the visit.

This is why you source news widely
PS any "visits" by Pompeo anywhere and I am extremely skeptical. As he said "The CIA lies to further agenda's, they are actually trained to do this (public record)

powder 8 Oct 7
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As I recently concluded my discussion regarding contamination of the Tamar & Derwent Rivers that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of fish "it is time that Australia stood up for its citizens and future generations by stopping the rape & pilage of its resources" :
" it reminds of the excrement stain at Bondi not many years ago. That a sewage works upstream of the fish hatchery was allowed shows utter contempt for the preexisting useage and citizens of Tasmania. It also proves the thoughtless stupidity of the governance.
All very disappointing but I have often stated that any business likely to cause damage or environmental degradation be required to put up sizeable cash bonds for use in reinstatement of environment so that future generations are not burdened and current consumers appropriately pay for properly costed product & service.
It is long past the time when Australia stands up & tells the rest of the world that the country, its people & future generations are not here to be burdened through being pillaged for resources, that future generations well being which is currently stolen, when appropriate restoration or as in the case of Rio Tinto and others wantonly destroying heritage land & property is being ignored.
I think that all apart from the narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths want all future Australians to be able to benefit from the resources exploited by humanity for 40-60,000 years but particularly in the last 232 years."

The current governent however is more interested, like the preceding Howard government , in obtaining recognition as America's bitch & fuck the Australian citizens.