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Maybe Despot Dan should view this instead of counting positive "cases" that aren't sick and planning on those figures as he does now. Adapt, overcome.....isn't that the Aussie spirit?

powder 8 Oct 11
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In my opinion, Lockdowns and Social Distancing Rules and other Restrictions ARE the only 'weapon' in our Arsenal at this time.
Yes, we are all aware of how hard you Victorians (aka Kabbage Patch Kinders LOL) are doing things atm BUT so is EVERYONE else in case you haven't noticed.
But it could be far, far worse, you COULD be burying people in their THOUSANDS instead of hundreds, could you not?
And, imo, in CASE it has slipped your mind, Victoria is NOT the be all, end all of Australia, check a map, there IS a whole big country and world out there, NOT just the State of Victoria.

Triphid Level 8 Oct 12, 2020

Yet the whole world knows Victoria. The WHO declared this pandemic and if you disagreed you were classed a covidiot. Now the WHO says lockdowns are counterproductive so are you therefore a covidiot for ignoring WHO declarations now? Seems we cherry pick WHO teachings (when it suits) rather like a theist cherry picks the bible.

Protect the vulnerable, life goes on.

The blind lead the blind to rapid death?

No one has presented reasonable alternative to lockdown.

FrayedBear Level 9 Oct 12, 2020

IF YOU can offer up a better solution/strategy then PLEASE feel free to do so, expound it to the World, we may even see to it that you receive a Nobel Prize nomination as well.

Sweden, no lockdown policy and currently have less deaths per % of population than places like the UK which enforced lockdowns

Nobel worthy? @FrayedBear @Triphid

@powder what is in Swedish diet not in UK?
What % of Swedes resident in UK catch the virus?
How do the demographics pan out - what proportion of the Swedish population is Indian, Pakistani, African, educated to high school & above, addicted to alcohol & narcotics, meat eaters vs. fish, overweight, diabetic, Swedes apply social distancing whether subject to pandemic or not? etc.
What proportion of Swedish society is downs syndrome & why is it low compared to other countries. Is it reporting for stats, mongoloids subject to infanticide, Swedish old men too alcoholic to be able to get erections. . .
I was led to believe that Brazil did not apply lockdown or acet C19 as anythinh other than a yankee joke. They are currently third on the C19 death rate tables 140,000+ people now dead.
Have you been reading outdated news or false news.
Same with C19

@powder Nobel Worthy? No effing way. These are so called very intelligent, highly educated people who should have made this sort of announcement 9 months ago if it is correct. They are largely responsible for creating the mistakes already made - the biggest here in Australia being the failure to quarantine immigrants & trippers from overseas. Ffs every major port had quarantine stations (usually nearby islands) throughout the 18 & 1900's. I don't recall reading of any pandemic infections escaping from them. And that was before they really knew what bacteria & viruses were! The second being the danger of wearing masks to stop you infecting others. The third being the refusal to test the asymptomatically infected carriers.
I am not medically or biologically educated but do recall back in February saying that part of me hoped to be infected & hope that I would live & develop immunity.
I was infected in March/April but by an unknown and still unidentified virus that gave me 8 days of acute level 8 or 9 pain and then 10 days of hospitalisation whilst they tried to identify it but so far haven't been able to do so.
With hindsight what now makes me laugh is the fact that I was not isolated but put into a full general purpose ward with a delightful view. Should I get a Nobel prize? I was wearing a mask contrary to mandate & expert advice months before it was legislated - not for my benefit but for others.

@powder On Sweden and world comparison - screenshots.
More detail at []

At a 6% of infected death rate Sweden appears no better than the current situation taken from 240 countries. Sweden shows a death rate of 6% of all cases, world wide it is 4%.