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This is what pisses me off with this fascist turning country of ours. Restricted by law to travel and in the case of Melbourne, needing permits to work/ travel if further than 5 (now 25)km away from home. Why can't we be "advised", use our own common dog fuck like other countries citizens and be treated as adults.
We can of course travel overseas if the reason is important enough, just ask George Pell.

PS heard we lost half the great barrier reef since the 70's? Can see international news, quite prominent. Not so much in media here at home as they have a "gas driven recovery" to sell.

powder 8 Oct 20
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"use our own common dog" what sense? That's why escapees from Melbourne have been arrested locally being several hundred miles from Melbourne. Others caught as far away as Queensland.
The reality on other countries is probably now being hidden more & more as cases increase.

FrayedBear Level 9 Oct 20, 2020

the reality is other peoples may leave their country, little thing called freedom of choice. We don't have that, just a one way travel bubble with NZ........and the Vatican. Our nanny is so kind to us, keeping us all safe as we aren't capable ourselves. Well, not exactly keeping us safe regarding quarantine in Vic........or medical workers.......or aged care. If we are lucky, maybe we can have some sweets for xmas from nanny?
WTF we gunna do with no vaccine and after the rest of the world gets it and recovers? be contently smug in our bubble?

@powder I'm still very dubious that a vaccine can work eith something that is constantly changing. People are now being infected for a second time. It sounds like herpes!