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LINK Police handed information on claims Vatican sent $1m to Australia in relation to George Pell sexual abuse trial

Oh why am i not surprised!

I guess from Pope Frank the Wank's viewpoint it's a good investment. Previously Georgy Boy found a couple of billion bucks the Vatican didn't know it had, so bring him back to do his magic again. Who cares about sexual assault victims anyway.

David1955 8 Oct 20
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Now is that news so surprising I ask you.

Triphid Level 8 Oct 20, 2020

Like a mob boss getting his consiglierie out, the one who know where the money is and where the bodies are buried.

@David1955 And probably scared shitless that ex-Prisoner 666 will turn Stool Pigeon, turn Queen's Evidence just save his own stinking, filthy hide as well.