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G'day fellow aussie sceptics, how's it hang fellas, how're they swinging ladies....LOL.
Please welcome our newest recruit @Barbara (Babs) from Ohio to our ranks.
Welcome aboard Barbara, here's hoping you'll find us a mob of irreverent, anti-religious, sarcastic towards Politicians, God-mobsters, Anti-Abortionists, Misogynists, etc, as you may have hoped we'd be.
Btw, Aussie style humour can and may be a bit hard to comprehend at times but anything you don't understand can usually explained if you ask.

Triphid 8 Oct 22
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abortion is a non issue here, don't scare her Triffo 😉

powder Level 8 Oct 22, 2020

perhaps for now it is but who knows for sure what way ScuMo will swing next.