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Dictator Dan is really getting too much. Flying drones over the burbs to ensure social distancing as the grand final was on and stating he wouldn't mind drones flying over his place as he does nothing wrong (all drone owners in Melbourne should test this out). Now changing the goals of lockdown and talking about elimination rather than managed control, keeping Mellbourne locked down forever it seems. And he wanted a state of emergency, giving him executive powers, for a further year.
"Staying apart keeps us together" has to be the most Orwellian catch phrase I have ever heard outside of fiction, perhaps only beaten by Auschwitz's "Work sets you free".
Melbourne was our cultural city, the sports mad capital. It may never recover because of this arrogant prick.

powder 8 Oct 25
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May I suggest @Powder that you are falling for the old sleight of hand - get hot under the collar about drones not that the whole matter has been badly handled & we don't want people to realise that we are clueless and largely gutless fearful rulers.

FrayedBear Level 9 Oct 25, 2020

Well in some cases everyone is somewhat 'clueless as how, when and when Covid or its next mutated form will strike again.
It seems very like it has already mutated from Bird Flu to S.A.R.S into this form and atm there is little or nothing to stop it mutating further.


On the one hand I agree with you @Powder on the other I, like @Triphid cannot because I have a very high risk of death from C19 virus.

The main problem has been the total stupidity & narrow mindedness (for a more polite word) of the medical advisors & governments.

No one is prepared to now say that society falls into two categories and like the enforced signing of Jews in Third Reich times need to be readily identifiable. I'm not suggesting yellow stars of David but perhaps a Australian flag pattern headbands or masks identifying them as high risk people who should be given maximum respect of 4 metres distancing, top triaging priority etc. These people's identity needs to be rapidly ascertained & open ID be legislated by government.

When that is done the at lower risk society can do wtf they want and the high riskers remain in isolation or sheltered bubble to avoid the virus unless they choose suicide through exposure!

However although the under 60's have far less risk the after effect of life debilitating side effects can be costly to individual & country.

Sadly too many Australians & particularly it seems Victorians are too arrogantly selfish to care about their fellow citizens (so much for the great Aussie mateship!) and so Andrews actions are justified.

FrayedBear Level 9 Oct 25, 2020

You're mot the only one btw.
There are literally thousands out there in exactly the same boat, I'm one of them.

@Triphid lol, I'm not saying that I am and have long understood the horror that you are faced with resulting from any exposure. I imagine it will be similar to the effect of WWI mustard gas for you.


Well, imo, if people can't be bothered about keeping themselves and others Covid Safe then I agree with him 1,000%.
Try to remember that,
A) we ARE all in the same boat during these times,
B) It only takes 1 SINGLE infected person to infect a minimum of 3 others, those 3 can then go on and infect yet another minimum of 3 people and so then infection rates grow exponentially, so IF you multiply the 3 by 3 you get 9, then you 27 by doing the same with those 9, ergo , you are actually CUBING the infection rate, those 27 infected can easily go on to infect AT LEAST 3 more people EACH making 81 infected people, now multiply that 81 by 3, then the sum total by 3 again, and so on and see what the final total comes out as.
That, my friend, IS how epidemics/Pandemics happen and how they spread and spread.
Check the actual Death Toll for Victoria and compare it to each other State then work out just how many of your fellow Victorians COULD be added to that Death Toll IF it were not for these restrictions.

Triphid Level 8 Oct 25, 2020



Not Victorian. Looked up death, just not tolls but from memory it's over 1000 and less than 2000. When assessing the above links and removing numbers from the aged care facility/ medical worker tolls which can be put down to incompetent management (both state and federal), the pandemic fatality rate is there for all to see when compared to population size.
Talking death toll, lets talk other causes of death like non treatment/ diagnosis due to restrictions. Lets talk domestic violence.
Storm made in a tea cup and history will show this

@powder "storm in tea cup" you say, well I say take a good long LOOK at the world-wide Infections and Death Tolls and then repeat that is just "A Storm in tea cup."

@Triphid Gladly, in a history lesson on world wide pandemics and societal reactions to them in lets say 20 years. It is serious and real but I was referring to a historical perspective.
World wide, average ages are similar. Africa, Indonesia, Asia, sub-continent etc seem to be coping. Virus spreads regardless of what we do it seems.
Dictator Dan has gone too far, which is the original post. In Wales I read, supermarkets open but only allowed to buy essentials, things like books cannot. But all in shelves still, next to what you can buy????? Total insanity.
I think that is what revs me up; idiotic control measures that make no medical, safety or logical sense.

@powder Hey, IF you call 'Coping' burying peoples in their hundreds, if not thousands, them I sorry to say your 'analogy' sucks BIG TIME.