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There are many people, me included, who have family o/s and it has been indicated that Australians will not be able to leave the country for another year, like all of 2021. This helps "keep Australia safe" we are told. No family reunions/ weddings/ funerals/ graduations etc etc. I see no logic in this.
I would really like to know how stopping people leaving Australia helps protect Australians?????? Especially considering how military and "essential workers" can keep traveling like sports people, military and primary industry resource exploiters ie miners.

And then, you read stories like this so I think it is fair to ask "WTF is going on?"

powder 8 Nov 9
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I'd rather take National Isolation over the chances of getting Covid any day.

Triphid Level 8 Nov 10, 2020

it's nice to have choice

@powder We ALL do have a choice, that choice being either,
a) accept things as they are for the interim, thus staying as SAFE as possible from infection or infecting others, or,
b) being selfish BASTARDS, not giving a hoot thus letting Covid run riot through the population of Australia and the world.
Take a good, long look at what the Spanish Flu did in the early 20th. Century where there were NO International large volume Airline flights, etc.
Or the European Plagues even earlier, IF memory serves correct, the DEATH Toll from just ONE those outbreaks was around 1/3rd of the ENTIRE population of Europe, including England.
Had there Mass Transport available then the Death Toll would most likely have been somewhere around the 50% mark at least.
Please DO NOT take this the wrong way, BUT you are beginning to sound very much like another 'certain' member of this group who will remain unnamed.

@Triphid b) is a nonsense from my point. All other citizens can leave their countries if they wish which cannot put the home population in danger. To quote Ms Hansen, "please explain" to me how disallowing me to travel o/s helps to keep you safe?
The Spanish flu took out the fittest and healthiest of us so should not be compared. Average age of death from covid is the same as average age of life, But child abuse has gone up, domestic violence etc due to control measures that have been put in place.
Hope the guy in the article enjoys being present for the birth of his child and realizes how privileged he is being an essential cricketer.
Australia needs a bill of rights. ":Just say no" is not good enough concerning travel and I am capable of making decisions and being responsible for my own safety when o/s thank you.

@powder Strewth M8, are you REALLY listening to Pauline 'Pantsdown?'

@Triphid no, just quoting her. So, can you explain how banning o/s departures from Australia keeps the Australian population safe?

@powder Well, logic usual says "that those who leave their home country will, more often than not, return to it some time later," ergo THEY may well bring the virus back with them THEN we WILL have to go through ALL of this over and over again and again will we not?

@Triphid but they are letting people in already, which is a good point; a one way street is ok it seems but if our safety is sooooooooo important then why is it in only, the dangerous way? Plus the reason we allow it is we can do risk assessments and control it effectively (with good decision making, not putting in crowded high rises with low paid untrained security). "just say No!" is piss poor lazy leadership, especially when not all travel is banned. "Travel bubble" is kiwi's can come here but we can't depart. Bollocks. Unjustifiable restriction for Australians and dog knows, we have been asked and complied with many restrictions this last year. Isolate/ quarantine at own expense if them the "new normal" rules but ffs allow travel, not just say "No" to all pleb citizens.

"We are all equal. Some are just more equal than others"

@powder Yes, Victoria stuffed up BIG time, I agree.
But your Premier stuck to her guns and kept you safe did she not?
ATM, the "Travel Bubble' ONLY goes One Way, from N.Z. to Australia and Kiwis who come here for visits, etc, will eventually return to N.Z.
This Pandemic is something that modern society, the 21st. Century that is, was neither prepared nor ready for, it IS a whole new and terrifying thing to say the very least, the World-wide Death Toll is now well over the 1 MIILION mark and STILL rising.
I heartily disagree with the Snobs/Politicians, etc, etc, being given a kind 'carte blanch' travel-wise IT should be ! rule for ALL and No Exceptions.
This IS why I advocate for NEWER changes to Governments, the Constitution, etc, etc, in Australia to ENSURE that EVERYONE is treated Equally.

@Triphid that is my argument, I accept it's serious but unfortunately for government I have had safety beaten into me the last 20 years. All for risk management etc but not when bullshit, politically motivated decision making is made and if any go "hang on......." they suddenly become bastards who don't care about others.
I have no time at all for the Qld political leader and especially Jennette Young, the way out of her depth chief medical officer. The way they demonised the medical worker(s) near me, an individual citizen following her chain of command, is not on from any public servant..


You have been gaoled for crimes against humanity?

No, just for being in my country of birth. Other countries allow their citizens to depart if they wish.

@powder thank your NLP Government. By the way can you travel to other states yet?

@FrayedBear apparently I'm allowed to drink standing up

@powder Well if you are not allowed to dtand & drink no one will know if you're drunk or dead and the average Queenslander is said to need all the help they can get. 😁

@FrayedBear luckily I was born in SA 😉

@powder that explains a lot. 😁😉👋

@powder like NZ they paid half a million to migrate largely to improve the Queensland & NZ average IQ?

@FrayedBear so we could mimic the ACT, who got paid more

@powder ACT or Federal politicians?

@FrayedBear The whole territory, but for sure politicians bring the average IQ down (rest being bureaucrats)

@FrayedBear like that article and btw is how I will get around any travel restrictions ie go via NZ which should be first international country opened up to Aussies

@powder I have just been told that I'm#565 on the wait list for new dentures. I've just pointed out that the prosthetic teeth have now worn down & no longer protect my few natural teeth. Consequently the plate moves laterally in my mouth & results in damage to the inside of my jaw & gum. I'm debating whether & which local MP to compain to.

@powder I thought that Hancock's fat daughter wanted travel to Singapore normalising first?

@FrayedBear she wouldn't care as that is the other option. Charter jets ok so round up a bunch of like minded and off we go. Be nice having a smoke on a plane

@powder I thought smoking is now verboten on planes?

@powder I believe that her primary reidence is now in Singapore. Mind you she probably is not restricted as a FIFO miner.

@FrayedBear charter your own jet, flying over international waters you do what you want

@powder Please inform @FrayedBear that his precious little State's borders are now opened up.

Oh, Bullshit, Twaddle, Mickey Drippings and utter Bat-shit.

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