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Do you know what is happening in Australia in the Mental Health field?

Australia is experiencing a tidal wave of psychiatric drugging. In a population of 25.5 million, 39 million prescriptions are written for psychiatric drugs every year, with $9.9 billion spent annually on mental health. Of great concern is the growing numbers of children and teenagers on antidepressants when no antidepressant is approved for use in children under the age of 18 for depression (101,000 children aged 0-17 in 2017/18). Considering the huge increases in psychiatric drug consumption over the last twenty years – drugs we are told are nothing short of miraculous – why aren’t we doing better? This compelling documentary details the real story of what lies behind the ever-increasing psychiatric funding and drugging of our children and society. Watch Psychiatry: Friend or Foe? The Untold Story of Australian Psychiatry. It is vital information everyone needs to know.

The above and much more is available at:


FrayedBear 9 Dec 17
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legalise dope is the first move. It's BS drugging kids because they are not suited to classroom situations ie sitting still for long periods.

powder Level 8 Dec 17, 2020

Has something happened to the human race. My classmates all managed to sit still in class & to varying degrees comprehend their teachers & the necessity to learn - even the C grade who who had a reputation for sending teachers into nervous breakdowns & changes in career paths or employment in remand homes & borstals!

@FrayedBear we had a kid always fidgeting. One teacher used to set him work, telling him once he finished he could go outside. He would put his head down, do it quick then we used to watch him out the classroom window, jealously, running around the oval by himself. In hindsight, a very clued in teacher who dealt with it well.
Times have changed. Gee we used to give relief teachers hell πŸ˜€

@powder yeah teachers have become very inadequate.

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Posted by FrayedBearDo you know what is happening in Australia in the Mental Health field?

Posted by FrayedBearWhich is more useful?

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