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A little re-write of recent Australian history. Let's pull it to bits

Anti-vaxxers" which is defined as anti-mandate are now responsible for people not speaking about side effects..............................Yeah right.

"In response to the speed at which vaccines were developed and rolled out, Australia has created what vaccination expert Julie Leask, a professor at the University of Sydney’s school of nursing and midwifery, called the “best vaccine safety system in the world”.
Here’s how it works: patients who’ve received vaccinations are automatically surveyed by their state Health Department via phone or email about whether they experienced any side effects three days and eight days after their first vaccination; and then six weeks after their second dose."
This is utter BS. No-one in my circle of family and friends has received a check up call ever.

“I had a neurological disorder 10 years ago, and I think that may be the reason I had a bad reaction to the vaccine. If I had access to more information, I would have held off and gotten the Novavax,” Carey said."
Lot's wanted to "hold off" but were required to take to keep their jobs etc. Forgotten mandates and vaccine passports already?

"At first, Michelle Grace Hunder didn’t have any side effects from the vaccine. It was only a few days after her first Pfizer jab that she started to feel unwell: dizziness, heart palpitations and stabbing chest pain. A friend who works in nursing advised her to go to hospital to get checked out. She had bloodwork and an echocardiogram done on her heart — all fine. The doctor pulled me aside and said there’s lots of anxiety around vaccinations and it seems to be causing a lot of stress and ‘I don’t want you to avoid getting the second one’,” Hunder said. "
What a twat of a Dr to recommend the second shot after reported side effects, not even further tests before that advice. Potentially deadly incompetence.

"Leask said 97% of Australians have received a COVID-19 vaccine even amid widespread (and in some cases irresponsible) coverage of side effects and the best efforts of anti-vaccine campaigners: “This tells you a lot about the public being able to weigh risk in everyday life, and why we shouldn’t patronise people.” Deng said it was important to be able to freely discuss and debate vaccine policy. She mentioned Australia’s compensation scheme as one area worthy of further discussion."
FFS they talk as if people freely chose, that there was no mandates using earning a livelihood as coercion. And sorry, seemed to have missed the freely discuss and debate bit.

puff 7 Dec 21
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There are always a few people that have a negative reaction to vaccines. it has always been about the 'greater good'. My 89 yr old father and I have just survived covid and I'm grateful for the vaccines which meant we had a mild dose. Those who choose not to vaccinate need to stop over-burdening our health system. []

I agree but understand there is no vaccine for covid. Glad you survived, most do.
If childhood vaccines like polio were of the same effectiveness as covid vaccines, those diseases would still be kicking about.
Consent for medical treatment is all I ask. The right to say "No".
It's a health and safety issue. The risk (illness/ death) from the hazard (covid) can be mitigated using control methods (masks/ distancing/ good hygiene). As covid vaccines don't stop transmission or infection, as a control method they are left wanting. Not effective enough to compromise bodily autonomy over.
The covid vaccine mandates with the associated passports/ check-ins and the discriminatory segregation it caused were bullshit, undefendable.
Covid medicines are not vaccines.


Even worse wasn't told that the third shot was the Pfizer MRNA vaccine not the Astra Z.!

FrayedBear Level 9 Dec 22, 2022

When 75% of Americans are fully vaccinated and most Americans caught covid last winter. That tells me the whole story , vaccines spread covid. Nobody really studies the success rate of the history of vaccines worldwide.I do, because travel alot and a health nut.

Vaccines provide immunity, which means you don't catch and therefore, can't transmit ie you become immune.
Vaccines are good things.
There is no vaccine developed for covid-19, just a pre-emptive medicine.

@puff Don't know how you can say that it's pre-emptive when it causes many illnesses.

Talking with an unsavoury looking character yesterday buying huge quantities of bottled water because he claims that Melbourne water is so fluoridated that it burns out the metal base in his water filter. He claimed that the 3rd Reich used fluoride to control inmates of their concentration camps. He also claimed that current CIA and MI6 reports state that the effects of vaccines will reduce the American population by 200 million & the British population by 50 million.
Meanwhile the ancien member of the Rolling Stones continue to get their juvenile blood & hormone replacement therapies to enable continue enjoyment of their younger live's proclivities.

@FrayedBear Pre-emptive as in any benefit is only gained by the person who takes it, lessening symptoms in this case with covid medicines. Best example of a pre-emptive is malaria pills, which don't claim to be a vaccine.
A vaccine not only protects whoever takes it, but will stop them passing it on also as they provide meaningful immunity ie stops you catching it, usually above 90% efficient (polio/ smallpox etc) plus lasts long enough that you may think about inoculating a whole population which takes time. Only months does not cut it, not enough logistical time, especially when "breakthrough transmissions" are expected rather than a rare occurrence.


Three shots. Minor side effects for the first one, just a day or two. No issues with the others. Still haven't had COVID. No other effects that I know of. What can I tell you?

David1955 Level 8 Dec 21, 2022

All good. Just irks me a tad how, in hindsight, memories of what actually happened seem to be viewed through rose tinted glasses regarding how dissent was treated.

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