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This is pretty good.

puff 8 Apr 28
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W.T.F Arsehole Albo and co are totally insane.
On today's news, (a.b.c) the government releases the information that Au only has one operational submarine for the whole country.
Also the government cannot recruit enough military personnel so they will reconstitute the Blackbird practise.
only now the pacific islanders can gain permanent residency if they serve in our armed forces for five years.
In the past blackbirding was an abhorrent pirate/slave operation, now the national criminal organisation, LNP+ALP conglomerate, have modernised and made blackbirding legal.
You can dress up a dog in any amount of ridiculous clothes but it always remain a dog not matter how dressed.


the video hits the nail right on the head. He is spot on. The A'hole Albonese has found a special place in Uncle Sam. Albo is that far up uncle Sams arse that Uncle Sam now has a second adams apple.

Albo is Scomo recycled! Not being able, or have the guts, to come up with their policies and direction, it is easier to follow the larcenous Nazi party drive for national annihilation.
The party once known as the ALP is gone. Dead.
I is interesting to see how long Australia will be considered a good neighbour and trading partner in the indo pacific?
Following our present course, we are going to be the pariah state of the region with all it's trade and military implications.
Being uncle Sams deputy sheriff will see us being attacked in many ways from our neighbours. Especially those that cannot afford to confront America directly.
Other nations will heap abuse and violence upon Australia especially those frustrated with the American interference in their nations politics and industry and governance .

So we can protect ourselves with subs in 20 years time, buy one shot missiles which, watching the Ukraine, are near to instantly depleted with little gain.

Added to this, defence funds are being diverted from machinery and technology, we need now, to fund this pie in the sky defence deal.
Perhaps if Arshole Albo would repeal the gigantic tax breaks for the rich, there may be more money available for our defence spending?

Want defense, look at Ukraine/ Russia. What we need are systems specifically to kill drones and missiles. With software developed by us, built by us and none of this NATO compatible crap.
Our only way out of this shit show is form a Republic, because that is the only oppourtunity where we will get to rewrite the rules. #1 No foreign military to establish bases on our soil.

@puff We need to stop giving away our military assets to Ukraine, Our military technology is ageing but even on missile defence system, we will not have an effective military force for at least 2 decades.
Hell we can't even protect ourselves from the ALL BLACKS in friendly battle. If there were a military attack on Australia, we could get Scomo with Hillsong to give sermons and platitudes to the invaders in the hope that they die of boredom or laughter.

@vocaloldfart What we need to do is break ties with the cunts who blew up Nord Stream, that act of international terrorism but if only we knew who did it...................
Perhaps we should look to those who oppose an international investigation by the UN. Or perhaps look at those who celebrated the terrorist attack. Maybe looking at who has profited from this crime may give us a clue?
Fairweather friends suck. If we joined BRICS, and they would accept us as all precious metal resources hold value for them, you watch how quickly our friends, who assure us that they respect our independent democratic sovereignty (aka the right of self determination), would turn on us.

@puff Europe is now buying gas at highly inflated prices shipped in bulk carriers. the best part is that the payment is in faux money also. If Europe runs out of cash they create more faux valueless dollars on whim. Who really profits??
Sovereinty?? Australia is the 52nd state of the US until there is a genuine threat to Australia ,then America will be hard to find.

@vocaloldfart I find it funny India is selling Europe Russian oil, that's the way to hurt Russia with sanctions Europe! Brilliant!!!


Agreed. I can certainly think of better ways of spending $14,000+ per person than on septic nuclear submarines. Yes what a joke to spend it on defending Australian trade routes routes with its major partner from attack by that partner.
I loved the point that China has not declared war against another country since 1979.
The sooner Australia gets into BRICS the better.

And as for that so called professor of the think tank he reminds of the annoying neighbourhood Tom Cat . . . just before he was castrated.

FrayedBear Level 9 Apr 29, 2023

Australia cannot enter BRICS!
Australia along with America sold of their gold standard.
The Australian dollar is just like Bitcoin, a PONZIE scheme of faux money with no real value. Australia has electronic money that is created and destroyed in the cyberworld. the value of our folding money comparable to toilet paper, but not quite as useful as toilet paper.
BRICS nations have their money backed up to gold and other precious metals. 1 rupee is equal to 1 yuan or 1ruble etc.
Nations that join BRICS must prove that they have a monetary standard.
America can never join as they hold the largest debt of any nation on the globe kept afloat only with their faux money created at will from thin air ,or even a vaccum.
Australia also has a debt it cannot pay because we also have a version of ponzied faux money.

@vocaloldfart USA has large stocks of gold. Its debts however far exceed their value.

@vocaloldfart & on the plastic money - you've noticed that also - shit doesn't stick to it - just coke.

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Posted by FrayedBearIt has taken since 1986 for the Australian Human Rights Commission to release papers & a suggested draft for incorporation into Australian law to protect all citizens.

Posted by FrayedBearIt has taken since 1986 for the Australian Human Rights Commission to release papers & a suggested draft for incorporation into Australian law to protect all citizens.

Posted by FrayedBearIt has taken since 1986 for the Australian Human Rights Commission to release papers & a suggested draft for incorporation into Australian law to protect all citizens.

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