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A Sham Election
In Australia I believe there are literally millions who are concerned at the depths to which we have sunk to in this election. I cannot remember an election that has relied more on the Murdoch gutter press tactics of personal insults of the team he doesn't want in - and we let him get away with it.

No one person should be allowed to do that - but alas now his side has stolen another 3 years, there will be no checks and balances legislated. Morrison who had no policy offering (just "we are the ones who can financially manage the nation" ) - had also endorsed and led a highly defamatory advertising campaign full of lies & deceit!

This man who wears the hallmark of Christianity on his sleeve is a fraud. How can a so-called Christian defend such actions:- blatantly championing the corporate billionaire elite against the working class (top heavy tax cuts for his mates while cutting funding for hospitals, schools and the disability sector, just to name a few); confining refugees to offshore islands and condemning them to many, many years of insecurity and in many cases abuse and psychological torture; committing Australia to yet more mega coal mines for a handful of fulltime jobs and impending ecological disaster. Check out: []

Morrison has split the Christian vote - many realise that he is a two-faced hypocrite and in lieu of loving his neighbor as yourself, he has condemned many refugees and the majority of the Australian population to a standard of living that will now reach new depths.

What is a Federal government for, if not to ensure the best standard of living for the majority of its citizens and ensure a safety net for those who cannot make it unaided. I am disgusted by this government and especially the leaders within who all sing to the same outdated economic songbook: of the 'trickle-down' effect to alleviate the woes of the working class, and I call on everybody who believes that the country has been diddled in this election farce to keep the conversation going, because we will all be watching and appraising what happens over the next 3 years - and most importantly, we must not allow a repeat of what has happened in this election of May 2019...

JMarley 4 June 4
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"Election over and now it starts:


FrayedBear Level 9 June 15, 2019

I share your anger or frustration. Truth is, the Labor Party sold its soul to the "devil" in the 1980s. I mean Hawke / Keating. The devil was right wing economics. In return they won a few elections as they did the bidding of Corporate right wing Australia who tolerated them. It has been largely dispatched politically ever since. A deal with the devil never ends well. Having sold its soul, Labor is lost between a discredited ideology on the one hand, and zero credibility on progressive politics on the other.

I see only massive reorganization of the ALP away from union factional control, and an ideological rejuvenation, as a path forward, but I have no confidence that it will work, and even less that it is capable to doing it. The ALP has allowed the Right to rewrite the Australian mindset towards gross individualism and self-interest, and a myopic view of the world. You can't ideologically gut a political party on the left and expect it will end well. As a progressive Australian I find it depressing. There's little point criticising the Right wing parties on what they do. They are there to defend Capital. Dirty politics is their playbook. It's the ALP that deserves our contempt, and we need to be clear where the blame lies.

David1955 Level 8 June 5, 2019

The Liberal-National Party 'catch-cry' of the " Trickle Down Effect" is, in my opinion and that of so, so many others as well, little more than absolute BULLSHIT just as is their tiresome rhetoric that 1) We have created X number of jobs, 2) We WILL have the Finances in the Black by such and such a date, and all the other political hog-wash they try to ram down our throats.
Where, exactly, are these 'jobs' that they have created, definitely NOT out here in remote regions of Australia of that I can assure you. Unions and their members battled and went on strike for days, weeks and often months at a time to get workers the 40 hour week, Penalty Rates and decent working conditions, then along came little Johnny "Cane-Toad" Howard with his NEW Slavery Ideas, the Employers jumped at those ideas and now we have workers doing 12 hour shifts, NO Penalty Rates and Working Conditions that are as near to slavery as you can get without being actual Slave Conditions. BUT the Bosses are rubbing their hands together in sheer and unadulterated ECSTASY while the workers, especially in the Local Mines here in Broken Hill, are too bloody exhausted after each shift to enjoy life with their families ( if they get to actually see them between shifts and sleeping that is) and wearing their bodies out before they can even hope for retirement. Plus we now the NEW FIFO ( Fly in Fly Out) workers in many areas and they have taken away ANY job opportunities from locals so the 'Trickle Down Effect' is nothing more than a Reverse Flow Action where everything FLOWS upwards and into the coffers of the Rich and Wealthy and the poor and sweaty get S.F.A. ( Sweet F*** All) instead.
By hey, the Bosses are happy, the 'drones' who support the Liberal- National Hives and live in the cities are content with betters roads,services and facilities so who gives a shit for the rest of the people when they can get all the scraps from the feasts that the Wealthy ever so generously (??) drop at their feet.
WAKE UP Australian People, you've become fishes on the Hook, you've sold out your Parents and your Grand-parents for what, a few crumbs from the floor beneath the rich man's Feasting Tables?
You HAVE let yourselves be led by the nose back towards the times of the Feudal Past where we were all just mere Peasants, Serfs and 100% EXPENDABLE.

Triphid Level 9 June 4, 2019

40+ years ago a worker's life was only worth $500 even if only 18 years old.
Those times are fast reapproaching.

I think city dwellers also have a few problems - they own too many cars because yhey cannot afford to own houses and the roads are becoming increasingly congested and trains slower.


It was a slim win not an overwhelming win. Liberal, Liberal National Party (Queensland) and National grouped together with preferences from others like Clive Palmer. I think when there is so many choices our preferences become the choice paradox. The reason it has so much focus is because of reputation not reality. If we focused on reality it'd be a Labor/Greens government or for the more right wing maybe Shooters Farmers and Fishers/Liberal government. Too many preferences almost always leads to a coalition government. The only positive being that a coalition government despite 'majority' it doesn't have enough seats to pass legislation on its own right now.

DragonDust Level 6 June 4, 2019

And that, besides Abbott getting the Order of the D.C.M. ( Don't Come Monday), IS about the only good thing to come out of the whole Election sham/debacle.

@Triphid Not to mention a large amount of people got their postal votes (I got one even though I voted in person) after the election was over. Coalition has got states (territories consistently don't vote LNP and would swing elections though the population argument is why NT isn't one. ACT just doesn't want to be one. I understand the aboriginal argument but those rights/laws for their benefit can be recalled at any time anyway and they make a shitload in tourism that just doesn't go to the territory and 1 billion in infrastructure which is legitimately employing people at the actual costs of that infrastructure) for 4 more years and the Coalition federally for at least 3 more years. We can't change the result of the recent election but also can't sit around and must find a way to be active beyond petitions, rallies & social media. We won't get right wing voters (who Liberal get their preferences from) to vote for Labor or the very few progressive/left wing parties we have by calling them idiots. True or not it's just going to make people double down. Most people don't know Greens have economic policy (pretty good one) because we know them as the two faced party who is pro safe abortion (split on that one though I agree) and identity politics. Calling the Coalition evil and greedy (though based on their economics petty more than greedy because they're shit with money) could mean anything. This by no means excuses any party for trying compromise with sociopaths idiots with a history of fraud and theft. Privacy rights
Hell even short phrases that are true... LiberalRAISETAX, Coalition where is the water? Newstart isn't giving a start, Aboriginals are Australian(people talk about Abstudy and stuff like that but there is a non aboriginal equivalent and non aboriginals get more), Stopping the boat didn't stop refugees, Prayers didn't bring rain, Monopoly government. Highest elderly poverty rate under LNP. Coal wants out of fossil fuel (true it's not profitable without subsidy anymore, iron ore alone went down by half value in 2014 and we could easily supply our power with many renewable sources to the point of export) But Lord of lies sounds cool but that could be about anybody. Twitter and Facebook is the converted and even if you get someone to switch sides they'll be pissed. You don't even need to lie just say the actual facts. At BBQs, to your friends, when at political stuff don't rant socialism, capitalism, class express truths. Think the rich their money to be worth less? Every time under the LNP.
I'm ranting anyway.
Think it's weird that we have federal elections every 3 years but state every 4 years?

@Triphid By monopoly government I meant small and medium businesses being consumed by monopolies though Private government would also be valid.

@Triphid That is a newie to me. Lmao DCM!

@Triphid, @DragonDust Not fit to run a Monopoly board let alone a government.

@FrayedBear So true.

@FrayedBear Or as my Dad would so often say ( excuse the crudity please) " Couldn't run a Whorehouse next door to a Navy Dockyard."

@Triphid Or a pissup in a brewery!

@FrayedBear Or even organise a free root at a nymphomaniacs convention....LOL.

@Triphid Probably could do with one right now! Lmao.😁

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