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Firstly I wish to remind members of Professor Cipolla's 5 Basic Laws of Human Stupidity. []

Unfortunately in Australia for the last 45 years (the time of my life here) the worst aspects of Cipolla's laws have been adopted by governments, individual politicians, trade unions and their leaders, industry leaders, investors, employees seeking wealth through superannuation, property ownership, corporate investment etc.
In others words apart from a few outside the bell curve, the homeless, the basic aged pensioners and disabled pensioners the whole of the citizenry cannot be said to fit outside of Cipolla's laws of stupidity. A simple proof is the fact that not only does Australia not have a Bill of Rights applying to all of its citizens, Australia's signing of the multitude of international covenants giving its citizens equality in Human Rights has been proven time and time again to be a complete sham.
Nearly 30 years ago I stood before the full bench of the Australian Family Law Court and asked them to uphold my own & my child's rights under the International Covenant on the Rights of the Child signed by Australia in (from memory) 1992. The learned judges told me that they were unable to comply with my request because the government had not legislated it. At the time a socialist government was in power and its leader Hawke was espousing that children were economic assets to be fought over - summed up by his trite "no child would live in poverty".
A team led by a Professor Charlesworth determined that about 22 out of my claimed 25 breaches committed by the Full Bench of the Family Court were in fact breaches of the international agreement signed by Australia. To this day I have not heard that Australian law reflects that international agreement.
The advances gained by Australian unions over the time since the mid 1800's have been slowly eroded not only by right wing National-Liberal party governments but also supposedly union labour friendly Labor governments. Harking back to the days of the Hawke Labor government I will never forget how Hawke betrayed the Air Traffic Controllers union by bringing in the armed forces to break the strike.
The current Prime Minister therefore merely continues a long tradition of brown nosing American interests, political, military and economic together with English military & economic interests frequently to the detriment of Australians. He will probably be remembered as another in a long line having bankrupt minds advocating failed dogma. In his case his famous edict that Australians need to pray more together with his atrocities commited against refugees, the disadvantaged and the Australian medical system will ensure his notoriety long after he has been deposed even if his successor is worse than himself.
The fact that very little in the way of government resource is being used to fight the fires further identifies government abrogation of responsibility from real governance and responsibility. I simply ask why were the 80,000 paid personnel in the Australian military not mobilised months ago? Very few are actually engaged on boarder patrol and I understand that much of it in Northern boarders is palmed of to indigenous people and contractors supported by a few thousand naval personnel. Instead largely volunteer firefighters are being used and today I was told that in NSW the task has been handed over to the forestry firefighting service, a task force that is paid by a government owned commercial company. I was fascinated to learn the other day that my son in law who is employed in the forestry fire service after doing his 8 hour shift turns round and does another 8 to 10 hours unpaid service with his neighbours in the volunteer service.
The proclamation of the munificence of government using limited navy resources in rescuing idiots trapped by the fires because they refused to cancel their holidays in fire areas carries little value other than to use the fact to condemn the government.

The government opposition as stated in the article is as useful as a wilting lettuce leaf waved to fan smoke from the eyes in Canberra.

I do wonder where they are getting the water from to fight the fires as much of NSW is drought ridden or the water has been sold to banks, foreign farming conglomerates and investors to trade for profit or use for growing "essential" crops like cotton. Seemingly very senior government ministers are implicated in an $80 million water sale fraud. []

Will Australians revolt?
I doubt it. They have become too soft, too spoilt and have definitely lost sight of the law that states that no one can advance their position unless all others equally advance or are not discriminated against to prevent them from doing so. There is a traditional characteristic of Australians to stoically state "she'll be right mate" so long as their tinnies of beer are cold, the footy or cricket is available to eatch and the fishing is not in closed season. I did however hear that reserve army platoon mutined and stole two vehicles contrary to the CO's orders to go and fight the fires.

Currently all Australians including the politicians are being discriminated against by international interests effectively raping the country of its assets without paying taxes and frequently committing ecocide through contamination or effective denial of water eg. Fracking, mining, and cotton and feedlot farming.
Time will tell.

FrayedBear 9 Jan 9
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