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How good is your government's environmental protection laws and the agencies that enforce the inadequate laws? Here is an Australian perspective during a time of having government led by a fervent Pentecostal xtian.


Corinna Elaine 18/09/2018 writing in the Independent Australia :

"I’m not, for even one minute, saying that any Pentecostal from any denomination (there are a few varieties to try out) is not a loving, kind person but, this must be said, what you see – the hand-raising, funny talking, funky music – is all bit of a benign distraction. It’s the "white noise" effect.". . .

"Many, many Pentecostal Christians believe that we are all living in the "end times" now. That Jesus’ return is imminent. If that’s the case, then why concern themselves with petty issues like non-coal-fired power options, protection of the Great Barrier Reef from on-going destruction, or even about a few hundred people incarcerated in inhumane conditions on an island somewhere? " and

" They believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible/scriptures including:

an actual devil — it's in the Bible, so it’s true, as is Adam and Eve, the great flood, homosexuality being an abomination and sex before marriage being a sin, to name just a few;
the divinity of Jesus and his ability to take them to Heaven;
that to be a (genuine) Christian one must accept him into their life/heart as their "personal saviour";
that they have to then die to all their own earthly desires, at which stage they become … "born-again";
a Pentecostal Christian is an evangelical, evangelistic, born-again follower of Christ (Jesus);
everyone who doesn’t accept Christ will go to Hell – forever, eternity, no exceptions, you can’t just not exist — its either Heaven or Hell; and
anyone can talk to God and he can talk back (via ideas, or the Bible, through other people)."


FrayedBear 9 Feb 18
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