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For ALL fantasy creatives in literary, graphic and performance arts (and fans thereof) who use their arts to transport their readers and viewers to alternate realities.

Spiritual Atheists, Agnostics, Apatheists, Humanists, Spiritualists, Fellow "Realm Riders", and Fans of these Arts are welcome as well...suggested readings, cinema, music,...your input is VERY welcome here!

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Any other writers in the group?

AntonyCopeland 4 Feb 19
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Yes. One of them is me. One novel published, lots of nonfiction, zillions of articles, essays, reviews. Been doing this since 1980. Have I made a living? Not by most people's standards in the developed world. Now I blog, and hang out here etc. And read a lot. And wonder if I'll get back to actual writing (recent mate death has derailed my motivation). My site is

Sooz Level 6 Mar 27, 2018

I'm a hobbiest writer, I have had some things published in print but it's not a career or job or anything, I discovered I liked writing when I first started to use BBS's in the 90's and it was a good way to fix the untreated dyslexia that I batted with growing up.

I'm working on a sci-fi story but who knows of it will ever come to daylight

I just made a thread with a goofy poem I like to keep adding to, it's huge and it's about science and religion, so I felt that it was topical for these forums 🙂 It's in this group

Tesseract Level 3 Feb 20, 2018

I'm working on a SCi-Fi myself called 'Hermes925'. The WIP version is on my website (


Welcome! I am! My works are primarily fantasy but I've written articles on just about every subject, as a "professional writer" most successfully as a promotional article biographer for models (usually as their webmaster/content provider) and as a "mythical" songwriter for my act Tales from the Last Inn.

I had pieces of the first five chapters of my novelized D&D campaign...lost on floppy discs decades ago. I plan to get back to them but I'm still involved with the act and resultant Tales' 'Toons from the modeling work I do, often for my act leads.

Dance for You? currently in the photos (that is, until they too are censored!) is a truncated example of these "graphic novellas". I'll experiment here as well by adding my Little Book of Sara, which covers the first trilogy of my yet to be rewritten fantasy epic. Now, let's see if they appear in the photos from a comment...

Nope...I've apparently been disallowed from posting photos... sigh ...see my most recent post...

DangerDave Level 8 Feb 19, 2018

If you end up writing and publishing the novelized D&D campaign, let me know. You might enjoy 'Critical Failures' by Robert Bevan, and also my own facebook group based narrative rpg, 'The City of Gate'.


I wrote one book but I'm not a professional writer. I think of a book for about five years and then eventually write it down. There are professional writers on this site.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Feb 19, 2018

Do you publish the stories you write down?

@AntonyCopeland I self published on Amazon Kindle. Just to have it out there. Nobody bought it, but I'm proud of the end result. I always make up intricate stories in my mind to get to sleep. Ongoing story for years.

@Rudy1962 The trick is, once it's on Amazon, you need to do the marketing side of things. No-one will buy it if they don't know it exists. People buy from people they like, so keep telling your social media audience about your work and you might start selling some.

@AntonyCopeland Are you practiced in the art of marketing?

@AntonyCopeland thanks

@Rudy1962 Good luck. Oh, and writing groups may seem like the best way to promote yourself, but they're not. Everyone is trying to sell their own books. Find readers, fan groups, lovers of your genre, and make friends. 🙂

@Lysistrata A little. Mostly self-taught, plus one year's work experience as a Marketing Assistant for Mediacom Cable in the US.

@AntonyCopeland I appreciate your help. Although I would be happy if my book sold, it's not a priority, at least at this time. I might wait until my children are older before I write the one currently dancing around in my head. I have realized there are a lot of good writers, and I'm not a competitive guy.


I'm a writer. I'm currently second-drafting 100k word novel. I've done all sorts of writing in the past.

Lysistrata Level 7 Feb 19, 2018

What's the novel about?

@AntonyCopeland Unsupervised children of the working-class.

@Lysistrata What do they get up to?

@AntonyCopeland Do you beta read?


NO, unfortunately, I'm one of those lame-o's that love reading, have aspired to be a writer & never actually did anything about it. Reading what actual writers say about their process, it's obvious I am not really a writer or I would have no choice. I guess it's that & a scatter-shot mind that doesn't manage to stay on one thing long enough.

phxbillcee Level 9 Feb 19, 2018

What do you like to read?

@AntonyCopeland Almost everything. It used to be mostly science fiction/fantasy & some suspense/mystery thrown in. Lately, it's been a lot more non-fiction, with fiction thrown in to rest the brain between "difficult" reads. But I'll read just about anything, or at least try it. If it doesn't grab me by chapter 3 I may put it aside to try later, when I'm in a different mood, or just recycle it to the VA!

@phxbillcee What sort of non-fiction. Technical manuals? Self-help? History books? How to guides?

@AntonyCopeland Science fact, mostly on evolution & general cosmology right now (Dawkins, Hawking, Krauss, Shubin, Wilson, NdG Tyson,...), History & current events, biographies, some basic DIY, some philosophy/psychology, etc. Most of my reading is layman slanted, as I AM a layman, but I remain curious about most everything.


Hi! I covered hockey for a while and still write plays and short stories. There 350 odd pages of a novel on a thumb drive on my desk, too.

Fidget Level 5 Feb 19, 2018

What's your novel about?

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