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Hi, I’m Josh. My father and father-in-law have had lymphoma; the latter survived, the former didn’t. And my mother-in-law suffered the equivalent of stage-four ovarian cancer. She’s hit the five-year remission mark. Learning to help her helped me help my father later.

So the big C’s not on my radar right now, lucky for me. But I feel I have to be ready for any next round. So I joined to learn from others, especially without the God nonsense despite the scariness of it all.

I myself am terrified of death. And chronic minor gut aches, after my own noncancer illness, remains me daily that my father’s side of the family usually doesn’t live past their fifties thanks to intestinal cancer. I am 53.

josh_karpf 7 Jan 12
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Welcome to the group Josh. I was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia, with a 10% survival rate. I was a young 58. After chemo, radiation and bone marrow transplant I am a 5 year survivor. My mom/dad no cancer in their families till one aunt on dad's side was diagnosed with leukemia at 90. My uncle on my mother's side was also diagnosed w leukemia at 90 and just passed away two days ago at 94. My mom is 91 and healthy. Who knows what the future holds? Living for today. All we can do.


Get your yearly testing. That's your best defense. My nephew's run a high risk as does my niece due to their Dad dying of colon cancer.

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