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Well, this morning my cancer vet gave me another appointment to see him - in 6 month's time.
My body is fighting it well. My IgM level has dropped by 7 percent since he saw me 3 months ago.
I am still taking no drugs or special diet for it. Just eating (reasonably) sensibly and exercising when unavoidable. I am, however, avoiding alcohol. I am certainly not taking any form of THC or CBD oil.

Petter 9 May 7
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Good news. Sounds like you're doing everything right. It can't do any harm to eliminate as many chemicals from your diet as possible... especially artificial sweeteners and dyes.


Good news @Petter.

Thank you. So far, so good.


Great. I hope it continues to work for you.

Thank you. So do I, but I'm biased!! 🤣😂

@Petter me too. I tried diet for awhile. But it didn't do much. Might have bought me a couple years. I'm having surgery a month from today. As everybody says, think positive

@confidentrealm The very best of luck to you. A positive attitude certainly helps.

@Petter I have every intention of living for awhile yet. I got things to do.

@confidentrealm So have I. I haven't annoyed nearly enough people yet - and I have an autobiography to finish writing, sometime.

@Petter fabulous. I love fellow creatives . Please keep us posted

@confidentrealm I will.

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