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New rug I have finished. Now I have to find someone to own it.

Budgie 7 Aug 21
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A girl would love that for her room!

Zoohome Level 8 Aug 21, 2020

Okay I have watched far too much Game of Thrones as when I first read that I thought of it in the way Arya would refer to it ( if you have not watched or read GOT then the reference will pass you by sorry) They don't use the pronoun I but refer to themselves by gender ie a girl wants, a man will have to etc. I have a friend with two young boys and I am going to see if she wants it but she is a bit iffy about it as it has to be laid flat to dry and can only be washed in a delicate cycle or hand washed. She pretty much throws everything in the machine and lets it rip. But someone may be opening a cafe with a handmade section where we can put up items for sale and when they sell she takes a percentage and we get the rest.

@Budgie I have not read it and I can see my sentence and what you are referring it to.
The craft store might be the way to go. The care instructions is not difficult to follow if you have the structure for it. Today, I can say that I could lay it flat to dry as I have tons of flat spaces - with or without sun. But it can be challenging to others, specially when other occupants can interfere.
I wish I was doing more arts and crafts. Perhaps soon. 🙂


Nice colors!


Very nice!

Kynlei Level 8 Aug 21, 2020

Very pretty


Very nice, good work

bobwjr Level 9 Aug 22, 2020

Very nice! Did you find actual rug yarn? If not, what did you use? I want to make some rugs for my house.

Frctnal Level 7 Aug 22, 2020
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