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Work in progress! Opinions or suggestions welcome.

This is a pinterest project. I saw this tiny beaded Christmas tree and decided to try and make my own. It's not the most well constructed thing, but I'm really liking it so far. I think I am going to add some kind of ribbon as well, as a sort of garland.

I am stumped on how to make it stand and what to put at the top. All of the miniature tree accessories are far too large for it.

It is constructed from glass seed beads and 20 gauge green wire. The ornaments are much larger beads, although I don't know their mm size. I'm also not sure how tall it currently is or how tall it will be when finished.

Kynlei 8 Nov 25
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I love it. I guess it must be rather heavy now with all those beads. Could you get some kind of resin or "fimo" clay to attached it to? You may also have to used some more wire in the center so it doesn't fall down.

Jolanta Level 8 Dec 8, 2019

Thank you. Funny you mention Fimo. I have a ton of Sculpey clay, which is the same thing, just a different brand. I used to (still occasionally do) make figures and things. Clay might work if it's constructed right. The wire is quite sturdy, but it is easily bent and that will throw off the balance of whatever is holding it. Might be worth a try.


I do basic beadwork and respect the effort you have put into it. That must have taken some effort! Keep it up!

Holysocks Level 7 Dec 8, 2019

So far this is looking REALLY good. How about one of those plastic shot glasses - I've seen them at the dollar store - or a similar type pot if you need a larger size; place it upside down, put a hole in the bottom as a base for your tree.

Thank you! That might work.


Maybe suspend it from the top?

RavenCT Level 9 Nov 26, 2019

A nice stand might be a piece of driftwood with a hole drilled in it.

Hathacat Level 9 Nov 26, 2019

Hmm, I do have a piece of driftwood that I picked up on the beach in Mackinaw City, Michigan this summer. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.


It's cute! My ex-husband's granma was widowed at 49, and made her living after that by teaching posh handcrafts on the 'liners' (cruise ships) of the era! That was one of the things she did, as well as decoupage, embroidery etc. and fancy baking. She lived to be 101, and still playing bridge (for money, not matchsticks like her friends).

Allamanda Level 8 Nov 26, 2019

Thank you. She sounds like a cool lady. 😊


you are definitely on the right track

lookinhard Level 7 Nov 25, 2019
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