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trying something new....making knives!....ive learned to wear gloves!!

Redneckliberal 5 Feb 16
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Some how these knives remind me of someone chopping off heads. Nice very nice knives.

Jolanta Level 8 Feb 23, 2020

Nice work. But yeah, gloves are probably a good idea.

moonmaid Level 8 Feb 17, 2020

Are you making the steel yourself or are you getting it in blank form and shaping it. They are beautiful, I work with a knife maker and it takes a lot of skill. Is that Damascus?

I bought a Damascus kit from Woodcraft and put my own bolsters on it. Kind of fun but definitely not real knife making.

the steel comes from a grouping of 100+ year old german made cross cut timber saws that i acquired.. i rework the metal to fit my needs....labor intensive but worth it...very high carbon steel..takes a razor edge and keeps it! been trying different woods for the handles, i think the light african bubinga is my favorite...i try to keep an industrial look about them also...been selling a few and gifting many more!!

@Redneckliberal Bubinga is also called African Rosewood, very hard and the more it is polished the better it looks. Jatoba or Brazilian Cherry is also good wood for knife handles. Do not use Corian for a cutting board, many people sell them and think they are great but they are hell on a good blade. Make sure you sell then for what they are worth or you will end up spending a lot of time making little for the skill needed.

not planing on getting rich at knife making!!...something new to explore and do...thanks for the heads up!!