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At my ceramic sculpture class at local community class we can fire pottery in a reduction atmosphere and that's how this small candy dish of mine got the nice metallic gleam on the edges; the little piggie was fired in ordinary cone 10 firing. Did I give her a cute butt?

dede18 8 Mar 5
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Those bowls are super nice!

thank you πŸ™‚ I looked at your bio pics ... did you turn those bowls on a lathe? they are beautiful!

@dede18 Thank you! Yes. I have two wood lathes. I'm giving away pieces now. I have about twenty in line and I can't sell them now. Sooo, all my friends have at least two.


Cute butt!! πŸ™‚ Reduction glazes are awesome!

thank you, @silverotter ... sounds like you've done some pottery?

@dede18 I was a potter for about 8 years. Electric kiln only and the last 2 years I was firing Raku'. There are some photos on my profile page. Sure was fun but then the grind of being sure I had enough product, the actual prodction over getting to be as creative as I wanted started to conflict. The economic down turn starting in 2005 was the last straw. My stuff was not cups and dishes and with everyone's discretionary income drying up so did sales. It all worked out in the end. πŸ™‚

@silverotter11 I looked at your home page and admire your work a lot! saw the lovely raku item; I also love raku. And oh my your wire wrapping is exquisite, love the way you combine metals!

@dede18 Thank you, Your work shines, you are VERY talented!

@silverotter11 We two are artists πŸ™‚



thank you ...


The color on the candy dish is awesome!!!

As for the pig... the tail is cute but the butt looks too much like my own and no one ever said my butt was cute... hmmm... maybe if I was born a pig or if my tail was a bit more curly my butt would get a compliment. Overall tho... the pig is very cute.

thank you! it kept looking a bit like a hedgehog from the front, so I thought it would help to give it a β€˜piggy’ behind πŸ™‚

@dede18 You did a nice job on both pieces... I haven't touched a wet piece of clay in 25 years... your little piggy is making me miss it.


A very cute butt! And a very cute little face, too. πŸ™‚

Lauren Level 7 Mar 5, 2020

thank you, @Lauren ... glad you like it.


That's a very cute pig! And a nice green glaze.

moonmaid Level 8 Mar 5, 2020

glad you like my little pig πŸ™‚ that glaze is one they mix at the college, and called Pete’s Turquoise ... matures at Cone 10, stoneware. It’s my favorite.


I especially like the piggy.

thank you, @itsmedammit I was hoping folks would find her appealing ...

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