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Less obsessive, more fun project. This is Jerome (or Jeroma, gender is not exactly clear) the Gnome and buddy, Rasputin the mad hare. Someone gave me a cut out for a gnome, like those little garden gnomes but I went with a different image of the population, then after I carved Rasputin, I realized the two of them were just made for each other and that's the beginning of a great friendship. 🙂

DotLewis 7 Apr 27
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Looks great!

VNCallan Level 5 Apr 27, 2018

A match!! crazy love!!


well done! these are charming.

hankster Level 9 Apr 27, 2018

My younger daughter and I took some classes the Missouri Woodcarvers Association hosted some summers back. It was so fun! I'm rummaging around to see if I can find the figures I carved. You did a good job...carving can be tricky! Most of my projects are christened with blood of the artist...lol.

I love doing things with my sons. Last year we watched the cherry drop on Park Street in Traverse City as we watched the New Year begin and the last one go. We also went to the middle miniature golf course several times. I also helped my son paint an abstract painting. ?



btroje Level 9 Apr 27, 2018

Very nicely done, ? I have done just a little carving, not a lot. My most favorite carving of my own isn't so much an animal or something, it is my name and date on a tree out in the middle of the woods where I spent time hunting and boiling maple syrup. I went back to visit the tree within the last couple of years and it is still there. The date on the tree is something like " 1990". I have carved several elaborate pumpkins for a fine dining restaurant in Grand Rapids. One was a pirate's head... Complete with his tounge sticking out of his mouth and stiches on his face.⛵


These are really wonderful!

skado Level 8 Apr 27, 2018

Love it!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 27, 2018
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