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Well, all those "agnostics" who have substituted government as their god are really coming out of the woodwork in my latest post (The Proof: That God Exists). Check it out.

GlyndonD 7 Jan 15
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And you’re saying other people refuse to accept anything that conflicts with their narrative?

yvilletom Level 8 June 30, 2020



I checked it out. What I saw was a lot of people coming out of the woodwork to point out how illogical your assertion is. When you have dozens of people telling you that you are wrong and you can't form any cogent arguments to show that you are right, it's probably better to admit to yourself that this idea is nonsensical rather than promoting it elsewhere so more people will go to it and tell you how you are wrong and find amusement in the number of people who came together to point that out to you.

RoboGraham Level 8 Jan 17, 2020

People are biased. They refuse to accept anything that conflicts with their narrative. All those that came out of the woodwork did so to defend their god and their religion. Same kind of mentality as the super-religious.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

@GlyndonD Just because they made logical arguments against your false statement doesn't mean they are defending god. For that to be true, government would have to be god, which it is not. You still haven't provided anything that would show that it is. So again, how is government like god?

@RoboGraham, if it looks like a god, and quacks like a god, then it's a god. If not, then what is it? It certainly is not a human being.

@GlyndonD It doesn't look like a good. It looks like a government. It's not a single human being, it a collection of human beings.

@RoboGraham, and that collection has morphed into an independent entity that is all-powerful, and has given itself special rights over the people that the people themselves do not have. What would you call that?

@GlyndonD I would call that a government.

It's not all powerful though. People defy the government all the time.

@RoboGraham, and the Bolsheviks were a government, too. And the ayatollahs in Iran. Your point?

Our government is getting more powerful all the time. It is finding a way to become more powerful. It will not stop until it has complete control. That's where we're going. And it's all because of the mentality of the people who are objecting to my post. That mentality needs to be extinguished. We need to root out government evangelists before their theocracy completely takes over.

@GlyndonD Yes those were governments. Your point? Are you assuming the Soviet and Iranian governments are all powerful? No government is all powerful.

Okay let's say hypothetically the government is heading toward toward absolute power. We extinguish the mentality objecting to your post. Then what. What should we be doing to resist this eventually all powerful overlord?

@RoboGraham, advocate for a less powerful government. Don't give government special rights greater than the individual. Government must be reactive, not proactive. Non-aggression principle must be followed. Separation of school of philosophy and state. All the rest follows from this.

@GlyndonD And if we do these things, will government not be god?

@RoboGraham, if the government obeys us, yes.

@GlyndonD Which implies that things which do not obey us are god. Is the ocean a god? Is the sun a god? Are feral animals living in the wild gods? These thigns don't obey us so would you consider them to be gods?

@RoboGraham, are they also being put on a pedestal and worshipped as a god? Are people sacrificing their lives for these gods, and expecting everyone else to sacrifice their lives for this god, too? If not, I'd say, "No".



Sticks48 Level 9 Jan 16, 2020

Very funny.

@GlyndonD Yes, you certainly are. πŸ™‚

@Sticks48, as in peculiar. But go on believing what your fellow cultists are saying.

@GlyndonD Again...HAHAHAHAHAHA! You so funny. You should take thi act on the road. 😁

@Sticks48, something original, please.

@GlyndonD Sometimes a golden oldie just works. That's why they are golden oldies, like "That's what she said!"

@Sticks48, ah. But it wasn't golden. If you have nothing of value to say, then remain silent.

@GlyndonD Like you. What of value have you said. I would think you would honor free speech. This is America. You can aspire to whatever you want to be, and if it is to be another ignorant hypocrite, you are well on your way. Congratulations. πŸ™‚

@Sticks48 Free speech -- you get what you pay for.

Hypocrite? Tell me more.

@GlyndonD That's pretty much it. It's been kind of fun, but since you aren't very glib, you don't give one much to work with. Thanks anyway. πŸ˜‰

@Sticks48, that's what I thought.

@GlyndonD You just think you thought. This not an ability you appear to have. It was probably just a little gas. πŸ€”

@Sticks48, heh heh.