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Hi all, thought I'd share this here.

Yes, there are Libertarians in pandemics-

Your coronavirus prepping would be a lot tougher in a world without free markets. Libertarians might be the only ones who recognize that.

It's almost never a good idea to use a public health crisis to score points against your political opponents—and if you're going to do it, you really ought to try to describe the situation accurately.

Actually, that second part applies even when there's no public health crisis.

It has, however, become fashionable for certain elements of the Very Online Left to use the ongoing coronavirus outbreak as evidence that libertarians either don't actually exist or that we quickly abandon our principles in the face of a pandemic.

SpikeTalon 8 Mar 10
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First, never assume all Libertarians agree on anything, and second, both the left and the right will always bash Libertarians because we are the only real opposition to their big government schemes.

jeshuey Level 7 Oct 7, 2020