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Is anyone else having problems getting Google Playstore to check for updates to Android apps? 5th/6th January 2020.

FrayedBear 9 Jan 5
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I sideloaded it onto my Kindle. I thought it was failing to updats apps maybe because it was corrupted when the Kindle did a major system upgrade, or maybe google play was out of date. It's very interesting to hear someone else is having problems.

bingst Level 8 Jan 5, 2020

I first suspected hacking as I lost connection to fbuk, still not regained, so changed all my gmail passwords. Some of the email accounts misbehaved but I think have all come back to roost at last. The problem is not my carrier - the problem occurs through both main carriers.

@FrayedBear Maybe they let security certs expire? Surely their dns isn't screwed up?

@bingst I've found a tedious way round it by looking up the app in Play store to check if it needs updating - if it does I can still update from the app page in Playstore

@bingst dns?

@FrayedBear Domain Name System. It's a record of domain names and their internet protocol numbers. A domain name registrant places records of these on a domain name server, which is picked up by other domain name servers and eventually it propogates to all domain name servers. This is why it can take a while for a change to reach everyone.

@bingst The one that the fuss is currently about because it has been privatised which may result in .org used by many charities being charged for use of .org?

@bingst I'm still not getting Playstore checking for app updates. I'm beginning to wonder if automatic updating has changed in one of the recent Playprotect or Playstore updates.

@FrayedBear I haven't heard of that recent fuss.

@bingst Looks like I've deleted the email that I received - it was seeking donations! If it comes to hand again I'll message it to you.