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I think it's safe to say it I this group.

Much of the enthusiasm I've felt upon seeing a growing group of atheists and agnostics is waning. I really looked forward to interacting with rational, and skeptical people, but a lot of posts and comments in the main group seem to demonstrate magical thinking and, some cases, seem to be by self-identified atheist who've merely substituted other supernatural nonsense for religion.

Am I alone in thinking this?

JimG 8 May 19
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Since the group is specifically for atheists and agnostics I think if you come across 'magical thinking' you should call it out and get people to explain themselves and their membership of the site. Everyone here should be able to defend his or her thinking. Since it is a completely open site, we can't expect any particular level of intellect or education but we can expect people to be coherent and logical. Perhaps those who would prefer a deeper level of discussion should set up a group specifically for intellectuals. Or would that be seen as elitist?

CeliaVL Level 7 May 21, 2018

The reason for posting this here is that this is a group for "skeptics." I have and do call people out on this magical thinking, but they use some of the same logical fallacies that theist do to justify beliefs in god.
It's easier to convince someone to believe bullshit than that their beliefs are bullshit. Some may come around, but most won't.


You are not alone. I've seen people that believe in souls, ghosts, and other similar nonsense. I always wonder and want to ask them, "if there's no god, then there's no heaven or hell, therefore no afterlife to go to, so how do you believe in ghosts? Or rather, why? What would a disembodied soul do for the rest of eternity, and where would they do it? And how, without the help of some magic it deity would their alleged soul keep cohesiveness? And if their brain is now decomposing, where do they sure their personalities and memories? How would they even be able to perceive the whatever the world is for them without knowledge, memories, or the equipment needed to do so? Do they just stick around forever, blowing in the breeze (which they can't do because they are noncoporial and the wind can't affect them), in scstatonic vegetable state? Damn it, think it through!" But I don't. I just roll my eyes and click the back button...

Kafirah Level 8 May 20, 2018

So many typos...


I marvel at the willness to accept so much nonsense while denying god. I, like you (I think), assumed being rational went hand in hand with being secular, but that is clearly not the case.

Sunishine Level 6 May 20, 2018

It is disappointing, isn't it?


This is why we have the skeptics group.

I approach others beliefs with the same tenacity that I use to discriminate and discern my own.




Welcome to the REITERATION ZONE where I spell out for the umpty-umpth time (+/- an oopett) that humans come in all shapes and sizes and with varying grips on reality. As an experienced old man atheist with roughly 60 years worth of open atheistation under his belt, my biggest and most frustrating battles have not been with religious rabbits -- ever noticed how many religions promote rabbit-like reproduction habits?[1] -- but with fellow "atheists" who can't let go of their Ouija boards or planetary alignments.

See, people are people, regardless of what labels they happen to be wearing at any time. People are works in progress that are in constant change, growing, maybe becoming, and hopefully learning. Some learn quickly, others not so quickly, and some are fodder for the idiot farm. All of this in spite of their labels. So, when unbelief falls upon a person, some can put two and two together instantly and say to themselves, "If I'm dropping this because it's irrational, I should also consider all the other irrational junk in my kit." A few will take a bit longer to arrive, while the majority will never complete the journey.

Yes, it is frustrating and irritating, but for those who are making the effort, be tolerant. Point out the failing, to be sure, but be kind in the process. For believer trolls who navigate our sites, and there are a few, show them no quarter. If you are sure they are sheep in unbeliever's clothing, jump on them with both feet, tear out their hearts, and by all means, eat their babies.

[1] Many religions promote the rodent-fuck mentality ( "...fruitful and multiply." ) to assure a new recruit rate that exceeds the attrition rate at the other end.

That's a wise and reasonable approach. I will keep that advice in mind.

{2} You forgot to mention driving a wooden stake through their heart with a silver mallet! 😉

@Petter -- LOL....

I'm not that hungry but yes well put


Agreed. I think if you don't identify as a skeptic, then you might just substitute crystals or homeopathy it ancient aliens for Jesus, and call yourself an atheist.
Silly people, magic is for theists!

EddieDean Level 6 May 19, 2018

People are on the site for all kinds of different reasons. There is hardly a common thread.

Heraclitus Level 8 May 19, 2018

Many seem to think of atheism or agnosticism as a religion in its own right, rather than the absence of it.
In mathematical terms it is 1, rather than 0 or perhaps a number comprised of 1s and 0s, as in 101 (5) rather than 000 (bugger all!)

Petter Level 8 May 19, 2018

After about a month if being active here, I'm finding the same basic personalities as you see on Facebook. This virtual medium seems to attract a specific personality set. Me included I'd guess.


No. I was getting rather irritated. I was trying not to be juvenile and snap at idiotic posts.

I want to progress. Not regress.

I have failed a couple times. That shit about intelligent energy and universal consciousness.... Just WTF?

@Donotbelieve you are making sense. I will try harder. 😉

Add: I hadn't considered how it would look to add "you are making sense." after your username. Oops

@JimG Bahahaha!

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