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I sold a story!!!!! I've been a ghost writer in the past, but have always written other people's stories. I sent a proposal to be a ghostwriter for an historic novel, but when sending samples of my material, the client wanted to purchase one of my stories. I have to pull out some of the themes and rework the story just a little bit, but I am really excited to have MY idea and MY work sold for actual factual currency!

Lillyfield41 7 Sep 8
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Great feeling isn't it, congratulations


Congratulations... I'm no wordsmith but I do fantasize and build things in my mind.... Maybe you can do something with this latest thought... Have fun.... The Entities

 Just think. A life form that's reached the epitome of existence. They had shed their need of physical forms and elevated their mental capacity to all knowing. Time, telepathy, telekinetic powers, even the powers to create anything imaginable was theirs with just a thought. Boredom was plaguing them. They were losing the will to exist. One entity was the hub of all major thoughts and decision making. He filtered the suggestions prior to passing them to the masses. Sheer boredom was causing many mental anguish to the extent they were were either contaminating the others with illogical thoughts or they simply stopped existing. Boredom was poisoning their lives and killing them. They had become Bi-polar drama queens. The masses knew excitement would counteract the boredom but how could there be true excitement if they controlled everything? That was their ticket. They would relinquish control. They started slow. As outsiders looking in.
 They created a world filled with flora and fauna. Then they created mortal humans. Watching the humans interact was fun at first but it was like watching a movie over and over. Something was still missing. They needed to be a part of the scenario. They needed to be encapsulated inside the human and feel what they feel and experience their lives on the stage. Their method was brilliant. An entity would be planted inside an unborn child. The entity's memory would be erased with just the basic functions required for survival much like we reset a computer to factory settings. Now the entity would feel, see, taste and touch everything the human does. (The movie AVATAR transferred the human into the Avatars body telepathically too.) The entities Loved the drama and excitement of a new beginning. Starting over in a new form from birth to death. Tasting, smelling, feeling the emotions both high and lows, living the challenge of surviving in a harsh environment. Their craving for excitement was fulfilled. They did install a few warning tools to help preserve the human from danger. A sixth sense comes in handy, and they built in a few moral, or ethical rules needed for the humans to survive in a society.These tweaks can be over ridden by the entity at his discretion. That keeps him with a free will. 

Let the games begin.

 The people sensed there was something inside of them. They also sensed there were super powers that created everything. They named the thing inside of them a soul and the super powers were their gods. Through the ages, people from around the world have developed forms of religion. Often describing Gods, spirits, heaven and hell. The Greeks and Romans had several Gods from supreme beings to half God, half human and even creatures that are half animal and half human. The entities were alive. There was so much drama and uncontrolled violence for them to experience and emotions they hadn't felt for a very long time. Life was fun for the entities. 
 Life was becoming simpler and more complex. Entities were circumventing the rules of memory deletion by taking a short-cut to the full grown human form and breeding with the mortals. Their offspring held great powers in a human body and the children were not fully equipped to handle such power.  Flying dragons, multi headed dogs, wizards and monsters were polluting the population of humans and animals by creating a more diverse and inhuman offspring. That's not what the entities had in mind. Interactions between the entities and the humans was out of control. Excitement and drama was great but there had to be boundaries set. Uniformity was required for this game to survive.

a correction

Seeing the planet is out of control, the entities decided to make a change. Entities were no longer allowed to take a short-cut to human form and breed with the humans. All flora and fauna must follow a set method of progression. Genes could no longer be altered to create new species. Only natural mutations would be accepted. To restore some form of control to the situation, the entities created a human and claimed he was the son of God and there would only be one God from then on. This put the binders on the out of control lifestyle of the crazier entities and slowed the action down to a more controlled pace. The only entities allowed to contact the humans were known as angels and their only mission was to inform humans of the new Gods word. They still have some drama but not as wild as before. Today we look at the Greek and Roman religions as myths but the truth is, “We don't know.” Because it's hard for us to imagine Pan, Medusa and flying dragons. That doesn't mean they didn't exist. If the entities can create heaven and earth, I bet they could create anything they could imagine. Even fire breathing flying dragons. I wonder why they kept the Platypus and not the Unicorn. The Greek and Roman religions lasted for thousands of years and writings about their Gods have lasted through time along with the ruined temples built for worshiping them. People spent allot of Time, money and effort immortalizing these fairy tales. Maybe they weren't myths?....A side note.... When the entities took the shortcut into a full grown human without deleting their memories, they used a tool to help inject themselves into the body. This tool left a mark just below the eyebrow along the outside of the eye. For some unknown reason, this mark continued showing up on their offspring from the human relationships. The mark has continued and is continuing today in their decedents. These gifted offspring have extra sensory perception among other abilities along with a high I.Q. … They are capable of clairvoyance, mental telepathy and several other gifts from their entity parent. Unfortunately, these gifts are like any other muscle and must be developed at a young age or they atrophy and fade away. Just for grins, look in the mirror and see if you have a mark just below your eyebrow near the corner of your eye. During the dark ages, this was known as the mark of the devil. Witches and warlocks were known to have the mark and super powers... Think about it....

Breaking the rules

 Eons past from the stone age to the bronze age. A few thousand years past between the bronze age and the industrial age. A few hundred years past from the industrial age to the computer age. A few generations past between the computer age and the internet and super computer age. Today, new profound technologies are being discovered every few months. Progress is at hyper speed. Are some of the entities planting ideas inside of their human hosts? Have you ever had an idea and not know where it came from? Have you experienced a miracle? They may be behind the miracles we see. More drama... More fun?.... Maybe the entities are behind our technology and human transformation. They love fast and loose thrills, excitement and stress. Who can say what they do.


Ghosts and spirits roaming the earth may be entities that have lost their human host but aren't quite ready to quit the party. Stories are told around the world about encounters with ghosts and haunted houses. Can't they perceive the end result of their game? Are they not willing to take the next step? Maybe they just can't accept “game over”.


 Mankind has progressed to an unexpected level. Today mankind is busy deciphering the genetic code, editing the DNA to repair birth defects and eradicate some diseases. Stem cell therapy is curing allot of physical maladies. Along with combining computerized technology in artificial limbs, pace makers and a sundry of  other methods of incorporating computerized robotics into the human anatomy. Are we becoming androids? Humanoids? How far will we be meshed with computerized robotics and still be human? Computerized robots are already becoming our workforce. There's no job in the near future that a robot will not be able to do better than a human. In the age of robots, how will we know who has a soul? How will we know who is a human and who is a robot? Will we see it in their eyes. Will we just sense it? 

What goes around...

 Scientists are rewiring the brain with new technology allowing us to connect with other computers telepathically. We could call it blue tooth?
 They also have sped up the aging process in Salmon so a salmon will age three times faster that a normal Salmon

. If they can speed up the aging process, they are a step away from slowing it down. Maybe even stopping the aging process... Another word for stopping the aging process is “immortality”. Now who will have access to immortality? I'll give you a hint. The very rich.
The rich immortals will have a problem with the unemployed mortals that are using up the natural resources, polluting the environment and breeding like rats. How will they deal with them? How will they distinguish the real human mortals from the androids or whatever else that is running around?
Science will keep snowballing at hyper speed until the humans have found a way to shed their human form and become like their creators, Then will they get bored and create a new form of entertainment?...again?... Maybe.... ???.... Have fun and enjoy the ride....

We, you and I, are the entities.... We are addicted to the activity and seek more... Our forefathers lived a slower pace with fewer modes of entertainment. Today, we as a whole, spend our waking moments interacting with our cell phones, computers and TV's. Our attention span has shrunk to seconds opposed to our ancestors who could spend hours, even days, concentrating on one subject. We get bored and change the channel without giving the plot time to thicken. We, as a whole, are nearing the end of the ride yet we can't take the time to look down the road far enough to see it coming.... Maybe it's for the best..... Have fun....

P.S. You can use this thought to write a book, make a movie or start a new religion.... Your choice... It's free for you to use as you see fit.

dustyguy Level 3 Sep 9, 2019

Holy cow! I'll read this i promise!! In the meantime, thanks for your well wishes.




Yay! Congratulations to you.


This is terrible news! A little part of me died.


No seriously, congratulations!

brentan Level 8 Sep 8, 2019

i literally laughed aloud!


Fantastic news. Even better because it came about in a semi-accidental manner. Woo-Hoo!!

Petter Level 9 Sep 8, 2019

Completely unexpected! yes. And i feel like if i share, people are going to respond, "but you've gotten paid for writing before." But this is different.


Well kudos on ya, Kiddo. Always feels good to sell one.


i admire writers of fiction. beyond me in spite of decades as a journalist

When I write non-fiction, I always worry I missed something crucial. In fiction writing, there comes a point where I can feel comfortable leaving it alone. (Although after 7 revisions, I have a novel in my shelf that I want to check one more time. I don't think I will ever be finished with anything.) My favorite genre though has been historic fiction, where I can twist and turn the facts if I think it makes a better story.

@Lillyfield41 you're accomplished in any field


You can be proud




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