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✶SEEKING SUGGESTIONS: Online pubs with in-depth religion/politics coverage✶

➥ I have an already-written journalistic essay/op-ed I wish to submit, unsolicited.

➥ While being paid would be nice, I'm more interested in just getting this one "out there."

⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰

Some points (links below)...

✔ I have a 3,000-word piece on the consequences of what I call "fake Christianing" — claiming those who oppose your political/moral views "aren't REAL Christians," particularly on social media.

➥ Both sides do this to the other side in debate about abortion, gay marriage, social programs and immigration.

➥ My specific focus here is on racism/white nationalism/anti-Semitism, in the context of several mass shootings.

✔ I originally wrote the piece in response to an article in The Atlantic.¹ It was rejected, but this was my first shot and I'm certain the piece is good for another pub. It's well-researched, timely, and relevant — and takes a unique angle. (A couple weeks later, online debate around a WaPo² piece underscored the need for mine!)

✔ The topic is more complex than generally seen in general-reader pubs like TIME and Newsweek. Its length is comparable to similar pieces in The Atlantic. (Est. reading time = 15 min.)

✔ My treatment can be perceived as "antitheist," but I'd prefer not to "preach to the converted" (by limiting it to atheist readers). My target readership would have some understanding of Christian theology, history and politics.

✔ I'm a "real" (published, professional) journalist/author.³ But most recently, I was a staff writer/editor, and haven't written professionally in a few years due to illness. So I'm re-learning the ropes.

✔ I have a strong following on Quora⁴ and Twitter⁵. I just started a blog on Medium⁶ but haven't published to it yet.

✔ I'm willing to tweak (re-jig for spec), but not rewrite totally. I'll publish to Medium if I can't find a taker, but I'd rather get this one where it can be seen, so I can use it in future freelance assignment pitches.

This is my first time doing this. I'll answer questions. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

¹"What Conservative Pastors Didn’t Say After El Paso."

²"How anti-Semitic beliefs have taken hold among some evangelical Christians."






babyhumanist 4 Sep 13
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@babyhumanist -- I made a quick search of the market and it appears it might be a hard one to get placed. I'll do a little more looking, but no promises.

Thank you so much! Yes, I have been looking...but no obvious options are apparent. Yes, it is a niche topic.


Welcome !

Buddha Level 8 Sep 13, 2019

Thank you! I'm still figuring this out...

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