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Some have asked if there is anything I would change in the life I've lived to this point. My answer to them is that there are a few minor details that perhaps could use a bit of polishing and a couple that would have been removed had I known, but that's about it. We become who we are based on our experiences along the road we choose. I am satisfied with my current self enough to say it has all been worth it, though I do regret having wronged those I have, but even that has led to this milepost.

Wondering and the drive to find answers lead to a life of searching for what lies vague in the mist. Things that beckon slightly beyond one's straining reach. The frustration in this is that for each thing brought into focus, ten more faint but inviting visions take its place. It is an unending and exponentially compounding struggle of which I relish every minute. It feeds me, this groping for things tantalizingly and continuously just beyond my grasp. One builds a mountain of experience in this way and vanishing little expertise.

I would welcome immortality for the sake of continuing the pursuit. Most, I know, would not. For me, the fascination is in the chase, not in the capture.

~J. Richard Jacobs

evidentialist 8 Feb 13
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There's the saying that "The only things to regret are the things you didn't do." This rings true to me. I think back to umpteen different events (mainly non-events) during every phase of my life that could have been important crossroads had I seen the potential. I'm not talking about a bucket list here, where according to the movie at the point of death you rush around climbing every mountain and fording every stream (I live in the land of extreme sports and concomitant needless deaths), but things that could have made a difference to the essence of my life.

Garbonza Level 6 Feb 14, 2020

Like a dog after a car. If it "catches" it the dog becomes confused.

Petter Level 9 Feb 13, 2020

@Petter -- I take it you are using 'confused' in a metaphorical sense?

@evidentialist Of course, but the concept is hilarious.