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[] Pompeo suggests people should move if they don't like climate change. - Is he a moron?...
Barnie2years comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Just a typical Trump stooge.
A couple weeks ago, I went looking for a group to join here. I thought about how I spend the ...
Barnie2years comments on Jun 8, 2019:
I’m with you Ms_McS. Being retired, my evening TV shows is the only way I keep track of what day it is! 😁 The TV doesn’t come on until the five o’clock or later news. And there are nights that don’t have anything of interest on (what DVD’s and streaming are for). But I love AGT, NCIS, The Code in the new season line up. No TV snob here!!
Gay couple beaten for refusing to kiss for mens entertainment []
Barnie2years comments on Jun 7, 2019:
At least it was in jolly old England. Just goes to show Neanderthals are everywhere.
[] Trump wants to make Alaska's protected wilderness a hunting ground - WTF!!!!!! ...
Barnie2years comments on Jun 7, 2019:
Maybe his boys need some new stuffed bears and wolves.
[] The new jobs report is way behind what it should be. There are also fewer created ...
Barnie2years comments on Jun 7, 2019:
I find it interesting, up here in Canada they have the best unemployment rate they have had since they started keeping records! And that despite Cheeto’s crappy tariffs and bitching! πŸ€‘
The great “dick” debate I keep having this ONE person telling me I’m sexist because I use...
Barnie2years comments on Jun 6, 2019:
This isn’t the bar scene, but the same speech later in the movie.
The great “dick” debate I keep having this ONE person telling me I’m sexist because I use...
Barnie2years comments on Jun 6, 2019:
Like saying “god damn!” or “Jesus Christ!” when you stub your toe or screw up as an Atheist. It really has no meaning, just a habitual swear word.”Cunt” falls under the same category. I stayed at a hotel on Dick Road in Buffalo, it didn’t make me feel more manly. They are just words. Ha, just thought of my favorite scene from Team America, besides the sex scene. The bar philosopher! I’ll have to see if I can find the clip!
[] Trump is now calling for a boycott of AT & T because he doesn't like CNN and wants ...
Barnie2years comments on Jun 3, 2019:
Cheeto can do anything he wants at this point. The Russians helped put him in office, he did everything he could to obstruct the investigation, he has worked outside the law most of his life and never held to account. Why would he feel any compulsions to not threaten and harass. He was just told as President he cannot even be indicted and the House is tied up in knots trying to come up with enough evidence to even start an impeachment.
if your mother was on her deathbed and she begged you to pray with her. would you do it, would ...
Barnie2years comments on Jun 3, 2019:
If push came to shove I could fake the praying (like I do with most every organization I belong to when we eat). I could never, with a straight face say I accepted her fantasy friends.
[] Jared Kushner doesn't know whether he'll alert the FBI if Russian officials offer ...
Barnie2years comments on Jun 3, 2019:
The whole Trump cabal are indebted to Russia up to their ears! If they lose their positions they may have to pay up their loans.
[] Trump has no choice but to land a trade deal with China. Doesn't want a bear market.
Barnie2years comments on Jun 1, 2019:
Are you kidding? A roller coaster stock market for those behind the scenes is as good as winning the lottery! Get everybody all excited with juiced up economic numbers, sell your stocks on the crest, then create turmoil with trade disputes, fabricated fears, stocks go down. Go on a buying spree, settle everything, get the good news out and they sail back up so you can sell and reap the profits. Thump loves buying in a distressed market, he announced that back in 2008.
[] Maggie Haberman of NY Times reports Trump freaked after Mueller spoke publicly ...
Barnie2years comments on May 31, 2019:
He can’t read and he knows he’s guilty as hell. But bullies learn early that if they yell loud enough that they are innocent, they can convince the weak they must be telling the truth.
My oldest child graduates today. She's an amazing person. She has straight A's, artistic abilities ...
Barnie2years comments on May 31, 2019:
She will always be your daughter, no matter where she is or how old. As the first, she had to set the bar. Sounds like she did a great job! Can’t say the same for myself, but my parents never stopped loving and supporting me. Just do the same!
[] "Garbage" GOP Tax Cuts didn't benefit the economy according to the Congressional ...
Barnie2years comments on May 29, 2019:
He cannot not lie about it! It’s his bread and butter of his bragging rants.
Check Before Wearing A full size mirror comes in handy before going out in public with your ...
Barnie2years comments on May 29, 2019:
Too funny! But well hung! The rear target is handy. 🀣
Thought my fellow agnostics would appreciate this!
Barnie2years comments on May 29, 2019:
A dog couldn’t be as useless as a god! 🀣 The dog would actually do far more good, far less bad.
Wish I Drove a Tank Somedays One of our members posted a fun post on Pet FB friends ...
Barnie2years comments on May 29, 2019:
One of my pet peeves after almost a half century of commercial driving! 😑
Other Countries Know... I am almost embarrassed that other countries know more about the ...
Barnie2years comments on May 29, 2019:
Love this!! Explains Trump’s feelings about women’s choice. He knows he should have been aborted!
John Starette on Facebook: Someone asked "Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?" ...
Barnie2years comments on May 29, 2019:
This is so true! When I lived in Europe in the Sixties, Trump and his Trumpettes are the embodiment of “The Ugly American” from the book of the same name.
Breaking news: msnbc 9:36 am - robert mueller will be making a statement at 11;00 am this am. About...
Barnie2years comments on May 29, 2019:
Don’t count on it! Just like Comey threw Hillary under the bus about the emails days before the election but neglected to mention they were investigating Trump for Russian connections. I expect nothing again but innuendo and political blabber, much like his 400+ page report.
Bo BO This is the story of Bo was the first stuffed animal that my brother got when he ...
Barnie2years comments on May 29, 2019:
What a mean/nice sister you are! πŸ˜„
Tornados hit my area hard last night. There is so much damage! Some streets totally wiped ...
Barnie2years comments on May 28, 2019:
Wow! And more coming today! My area wasn’t hit, but they have had a couple touch done not very far to the north. But hey nothing to worry about: some asshole Republican congressman from Texas just scuttled a $19 B bill to help states recover from these weather catastrophes that had already passed the Senate and Cheeto said he would sign.
In Memory of My Father on Memorial Day 2019 My father joined the Marines when he was barely 16. ...
Barnie2years comments on May 28, 2019:
Very nice tribute! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Does anyone else get multitudes of spam phone calls from foreign countries? (for me, sometimes up ...
Barnie2years comments on May 27, 2019:
Never happens to me that I know of.
Have you ever been annoyed by just the sight or voice of a person?
Barnie2years comments on May 26, 2019:
It doesn't happen often, but I can think of at least two people I worked with that the sight or hearing their voice made me want to leave the room. And neither of them had actually done anything to me personally to make me feel this way. It was just an instant feeling of dislike.
A couple weeks ago, an experienced volunteer who had dedicated her life to working with Pitbulls was...
Barnie2years comments on May 25, 2019:
In doing research on taking my pup to Canada for a visit I discovered that while they only require the dogs to have all the major vaccinations, they have regulations against bringing Pitbulls and their mix breeds into the country. There are many cities in the US where they are forbidden as well. While that’s a shame for people who own well behaved ones, and I understand that they are fiercely loyal dogs and very protective, as you point out, when they go rogue they are ferocious killers of whatever they target.
My grandma had her appointment with the super specialist today and we got really really bad news. ...
Barnie2years comments on May 24, 2019:
Ultimately, you have to respect your grandmother's wishes. Watching a slow dying process is difficult, but at least it allows you to say your goodbyes. Those who die suddenly, in an accident or a health issue, there is always the feeling of not having said how you feel or being able to express your feelings while they can still hear you. As hard as it is, if you have her under hospice care, they generally have the person sedated and minimize their pain, unlike the treatments which are only designed to keep the body alive, not pain free. Watching death is not an easy thing, I watched my 15 month old son die from complications with leukemia, it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. But know she will be comforted by your presence if you choose to be by her side, and don't feel bad if for some reason you are not there when she doesn't take that last breath, as long as you left her know how much you care before she takes it.
Does anyone have any tips to stop comparing oneself to others in your life or others you encounter? ...
Barnie2years comments on May 23, 2019:
I’ve never had that problem. As Poppey said “I am what I am’s, and that’s all that I am’s!”
Thoughtful and eloquent piece on the growing nomadism in America. I met the author at the Rubber ...
Barnie2years comments on May 23, 2019:
Nice article! You seem to have made quite an impression.
Spring in its Glory! I finally have an almost maintenance free garden...woods and perennials...a ...
Barnie2years comments on May 23, 2019:
My garden is pretty much self sustaining and seasonal. Starting in April, various flowers and flowering bushes come out and show their splendor. Daffodils and Crocus come out first, Tulips and Hyacinth, then Laurel and Azaleas, along with Irises. Right now two Clematis are in full bloom! Shortly it will be Black Eyed Susans and Rose of Sharon. And I just sit back and watch them bloom!
Abortion ban rally today. I was a little disappointed at the number of people that showed...but ...
Barnie2years comments on May 21, 2019:
You guys must have been very dangerous looking! LOL!
So, now the religious zealots are claiming that you don't have to believe in God to know right from ...
Barnie2years comments on May 20, 2019:
The wonderful thing about religion is it’s total lack of standards. The Bible, having been a compilation of centuries of legends, tales and mysticism, lends itself to untold interpretations. Basically, you can read into whatever you like and any con artist can find gullible people they can convince that their interpretation is the true one. It allows every tribe, from the Amish to the snake handlers and everything in between to think they are the chosen and the only ones with the moral high ground. Are there non believers who don’t favor abortion? Of course! But the issue isn’t what you believe, it is the right of women to decide their body and how it is used. Anything else just relegates them to incubators. Life begins at birth. But the religious argument the every fertilized egg is sacred was the same argument used for years to forbid male masturbation: every sperm is sacred and possibly life producing. Except for some branches, most Christians have abandoned that ideology, but certainly not all of them. The best explanation was done by Monty Python in the Meaning of Life.
Well this could be a game changer
Barnie2years comments on May 19, 2019:
You are working hard for that Level 8!! 😁
Is depression more common in people people with higher IQ?
Barnie2years comments on May 18, 2019:
If you’re foolish enough to believe in a deity and an after life, perhaps it’s easier to deal with the issues of life. It’s one of the reasons for religion in the first place: keeping people at the bottom of the economy, and those suffering infirmities, content with their status in the expectation that their next one will be better. Those smart enough to not accept the fairytales are forced to deal with life as it is and a constant drive to improve their life. Failure to do that can leave you depressed and feeling hopeless if you are prone to those issues. It is to a certain extent genetic I believe as well.
[] Marijuana is on track to be legalized by end of 2019. Good news? Agree/disagree ...
Barnie2years comments on May 18, 2019:
Should have happened forty years ago!
I want to go on a road trip alone or with someone I love, I want to get away explore places, stop a ...
Barnie2years comments on May 18, 2019:
Barnie, my dog, and I are headed for a road trip to Canada next month. First we’ve been away in about three years! Then planning a motorcycle ride to West Virginia with a few Retreads at the end of that month. Neither is the romantic trip down the Rhine I crave, but you work with what you have available! 😊
How did abortions get banned faster than assault rifles? Asking for all the victims of mass ...
Barnie2years comments on May 17, 2019:
Because Planned Parenthood doesn’t donate millions of $$ to Republican candidates and Southern men get off more with their guns than they do with their wives. 😁
[] [] Dana Milbank of NY Times and Jonathan Capeheart of ...
Barnie2years comments on May 16, 2019:
Doesn’t matter. He doesn’t answer questions with anything but platitudes, every word out of his mouth is a lie or an exaggeration. Direct questions get vague answer (“Are we going to war with Iran?” gets “l hope not!). What’s the use of a press briefing when all they do is lie?
[] The right-winged White House will not sign the Christchurch pact stamping ...
Barnie2years comments on May 15, 2019:
No perhaps about it!
[] Fox News falsely claim Democrats are pro-infanticide - killing a newborn baby! -...
Barnie2years comments on May 14, 2019:
It's not the network's fault, it's the brain dead people who watch it. Seems like every time I eat out anymore, that is what is playing on the restaurant/bar TV if there are no sports on! Makes me sick!
I haven't been on AG very much. i haven't been anything very much recently. This week though, ...
Barnie2years comments on May 14, 2019:
Nothing wrong with being introspective, but my guess is that you will come to the same conclusion. Most of my friends, and most of the small number of organizations I belong to are steeped in religion and I have to deal with prayers and such on a regular basis. The have done nothing to convince me that there is any imaginary friend watching over them, or that prayer is anything more than a wish and just as useful. Good luck with your new endeavor and with your writing background, I bet you will be an interesting tour guide. I have taken the carriage tour of Philly several times and the guides are not all equal.
[] Dishonest Trumpty Dumpty has now shifted $13 Million of campaign donor money into ...
Barnie2years comments on May 13, 2019:
Robbing the US Treasury, freedom from being prosecuted, nepotism and the power to legally lower his taxes are all the reasons he wanted to be president to start with.
[] Fuhrer Trump Administration planning on ending protections for some endangered ...
Barnie2years comments on May 13, 2019:
He didn't! He was elected by a moronic minority that was well organized and well funded. Until the decent majority figure out how to unify and vote these MF'rs out, this is our future.
Guess I won’t be getting in your pants then...not that I would have wanted to otherwise
Barnie2years comments on May 11, 2019:
How can you resist!! 🀣🀣🀣
Newest art I’ve created. The barcode on her back represents that women and their uterus are ...
Barnie2years comments on May 10, 2019:
Should be a pro-choice bumper sticker!
Everyone should try these homeopathic remedies! I personally swear by 2! It allows you to not see ...
Barnie2years comments on May 9, 2019:
I think that cured my cold once! 🀣🀣🀣
Look what I got today! Sexy, huh?
Barnie2years comments on May 8, 2019:
Cool boot! Bet is slows down your marathon times! Take care and heal, the human body is amazing in it's resilience.
If life had no off button (I.E, you didn't die of old age, just remained middle-aged until ...
Barnie2years comments on May 8, 2019:
Absolutely! The only way we should live forever is if we stop new births. And one look at Congress, you realize that many men already live too long.
Guess what everyone! I just inadvertently posted the entire convo. with my latest post, about that ...
Barnie2years comments on May 6, 2019:
I’m glad you’re here! 😊
Lethal Injections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) Published on May 5, 2019 []
Barnie2years comments on May 6, 2019:
Love John Oliver! Always insightful while adding humor to sometimes dreadful issues.
So, an acquaintance that you run into every week posts THIS; "Muslims HATE pork, beer, bikinis, ...
Barnie2years comments on May 6, 2019:
Let's see: The Amish don't drink beer, wear bikinis, often mistreat their animals. They do love Jesus, but dress funny and refuse to serve in the military, don't fly flags on their property. Guess we should get rid of all them too. I would also point out that the Puritans were torturing women they thought were witches and killing them, why did we let them stay. All kinds of ways to respond that are simply pointing out the obvious and won't faze anyone who feels like your aquaintance anyway. But it's good to bring things up, unless it's someone you are close too and would rather sneak up on the suject over a longer time period.
I work in retail...….not a religious entity. One of our managers has begun saying, after our ...
Barnie2years comments on May 5, 2019:
A coworker of mine was working a Lyft gig at a large college town. She picked up a group of dark skinned guys talking a foreign language. One of them said Allah Akbar and suddenly she was in a panic that she had a car full of terrorists and was considering calling the cops. I, and several others explained to her it was simply a Muslim greeting much the same as she would say “God bless you” (she is very Christian). Amazing how much things change when someone from a different religious ethnic group does exactly what you do everyday to non believers. It suddenly becomes a thing to fear and makes you feel threatened.
I like being alone but I want someone to be alone with, if that makes sense.
Barnie2years comments on May 4, 2019:
Makes perfectly good sense to me!
Opinions, please
Barnie2years comments on May 3, 2019:
So true!
[] Bill Barr, Herr Trump's flunkee is running scared and he is reportedly refusing to...
Barnie2years comments on May 1, 2019:
Not likely, but it would send a clear message to Herr Trump that they are not messing around. Anything else will just encourage them to continue stonewalling for their master.
What scent triggers a memory for you?
Barnie2years comments on Apr 30, 2019:
Certain women’s perfumes. Different scents, different loves, different emotions.
[] Trump's sleazy reelection campaign is stealing millions of his donor's dollars for...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 29, 2019:
Nothing but sleaze, top to bottom!
Hitler-Trump Similarities in Black and White -Here's your proof.
Barnie2years comments on Apr 29, 2019:
Exactly confirms Michel Moore’s take in Fahrenheit 11/9!
Joe Biden's official announcement video. []
Barnie2years comments on Apr 25, 2019:
Just set up a monthly contribution to fund Mayor Pete. Time to get out of the 20th Century and into the 21st. If he can get the millennial voting, he can blow the old party hacks out of the water! And overcome the Trump factor. Nothing could make Trump happier than running against another old guard Democrat.
Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents |...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 24, 2019:
Oh, but they give $millions to Trump businesses, so even if they were hanging Atheists in the streets, Cheeto and Jared would keep feeding them weapons and money for oil.
The elders of this church got to design the church league softball shirts. They thought ...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 24, 2019:
Love it!
Best Coffee
Barnie2years comments on Apr 18, 2019:
The best cup I’ve had is the last one this morning and the first one tomorrow morning. πŸ˜β˜•οΈ
[] French Jewish billionaire family is leading fundraising to rebuild Notre Dame ...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 18, 2019:
History and architecture go beyond belief. Notre Dame is not just a Catholic cathedral, it is a world known landmark, a film staple for generations. Just as Jews have helped rebuild Mosques, Muslims have helped Jews in Paris during WW II, and came to their aid after the recent shooting in Pittsburgh. They call it religion, we call it Humanism.
“But God doesn’t work that way” Apparently God doesn’t work at all πŸ™„
Barnie2years comments on Apr 18, 2019:
Why didn’t he piss on the Notre Dame, Paris, fire? Now that would have been a miracle! πŸ˜„
[] It's been over 300 days since the Pentagon gave a press briefing - WTF!!!!!! What ...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 17, 2019:
No one is allowed to speak but Herr Orange Furrrball or his cheerleading squad!
Are you happy?
Barnie2years comments on Apr 16, 2019:
Close enough, but then I have low expectations! 😁
I don't really care about Notre Dame burning as long as people aren't hurt. I wonder how many people...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 16, 2019:
That puts you in line with the Afghan Taliban who destroyed centuries old, historical statues because they did not represent their beliefs. I am not sure what your sources are for the torture and slaves. Hunchback of Notre Dame? If that’s the criteria for destruction, every plantation mansion in the South should be bulldozed, along with the White House and Capitol since they were provably built by slave labor.
Retirement --- How do you feel about it? Whether you are retired or just nearing it, what are your ...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 15, 2019:
I LOVE ❀️being retired!! My company had a good defined benefit pension plan (thanks to our Union!) and my Social Security was good as well, so I am financially comfortable (have not had to touch IRAs or stock portfolio yet). It has been almost four years and there is not one day I miss work. I was there for 42 years, that was enough!
Love comes naturally. Hate is learned. Agree/Disagree?
Barnie2years comments on Apr 15, 2019:
I’ve hated peas since I started eating actual food. No one taught me to. I agree with the other people who say we are born with both and which one dominates is both genetic and learned, both by experience (if a dog bites you when you are little, you will probably hate dogs) and through teaching (if you were raised in a racist family with little interaction with other cultures and people, chances are you will he a hateful racist). Same with love, it’s there, just has to be nurtured, especially if it is not the dominant emotion.
What’s your opinion on open carry?
Barnie2years comments on Apr 13, 2019:
Is open carry worse than concealed carry? If the person has a gun on his belt, visible to everyone, you are going to be watching their every move. With concealed carry, you are not going to know they have it, so if they have bad intentions you get less time to react. In Pennsylvania anyone can open carry. To legally carry concealed you need a permit, which is easily obtained as long as you don’t have a felony record. Just remember, if someone has bad intentions, the person carrying open will be the first target, or the person who saves the day. I never open carry, don’t want the attention.
For those of you who have been focusing your anger and discontent at Trump the past few years, it is...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 12, 2019:
Trump is not the disease, he is just the most visible symptom. Republican trolls who constantly post that Obama started the racism are right in a manner of speaking. The election of a black man to the presidency scared the large minority of racists in this country into organizing and getting their hateful messages out to recruit more fearful white supremists into their ranks. And Trump’s announcement of his presidential run which trashed immigrants touched right to the heart of their hatred and let them know they could elect one of their own to the lead the country, even though no one actually thought he could win. But dirty deals, huge money, voter suppression, division in the Democratic Party put this Orange Buffoon into office. If the Democrats can’t coalesce behind one candidate and one primary message, Trump just might get four more years to totally bankrupt the country, not only financially, but morally.
This is so true!
Barnie2years comments on Apr 4, 2019:
I have a hard time giving up on bad decisions!
Just can't imagine being this delusional...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 4, 2019:
It’s a sickness! This one has it bad! ?
The local Baptist minister just rang my doorbell offering me a pamplet for the upcoming celebration ...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 2, 2019:
I had one coming up the street when I was on the way home from walking the dog. Said hi to him, he asked if I lived on the street, I said yes showed him where and told him not to waste his time. Told him my neighbor is an Atheist too so he didn’t waste his time. He pleasantly said thanks and went on his way!
Barnie2years comments on Apr 2, 2019:
Best truck ad I’ve seen in a long time! ?
We can’t say we weren’t warned. Though it falls on deaf ears to climate change deniers. The ...
Barnie2years comments on Apr 2, 2019:
A mass extinction of humans could give the earth time to heal. With the constant growth of climate refugees, sabre rattling over rights to exploit new land coming out of what used to be frozen, and the rising Right Wing overtaking democracy, we may leave such a mess, no one will survive the nuclear fallout but the cockroaches.
So, []
Barnie2years comments on Mar 30, 2019:
Now wait! If it bans “Senate Bill 67 prohibits sexual contact between a person and an animal, defining sexual contact as "any act committed between a person and an animal for the purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, abuse or financial gain." Then it would have to ban artificial insemination, which basically involves fisting a cow for “financial gain!” ?
Georgia State Senator Shares Personal Struggles with Pregnancy in Emotional Plea Against Severe ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 30, 2019:
It won’t sway the cement brained Republican and Evangelical Democrats one bit. Their beliefs are not based on facts and truth, but on fables and subjugation of women.
Thoughts on people who claim not to be religious but still believe in Jesus/god/sin/heaven etc?
Barnie2years comments on Mar 30, 2019:
I dated a woman who called herself Christian, but never went to church. She felt she had read the Bible and in her mind, understood the message much better than any of the preachers and biblical historians and others who have studied it for centuries before. So she did not participate in religion as such, while still believing the tenets.
Fun article. Though I still stick to my original suspicion these guys were taking some mad ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 30, 2019:
Love the Monty Python clip! ?
Mom called me this morning at 5am (because fb said I had been online 11 minutes earlier) to debate ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 27, 2019:
My Mom gave up a long time ago. Likes to grumble about how sad she is that my sister and I were never baptized, but doesn’t do it to often. I just thing she is happy my son went down the rabbit hole of religion to keep his family together. Thankfully he is not Evangelical either and we get along fine.
How common is it for societies to become predominantly deist before becoming predominantly atheist ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 26, 2019:
A study of the ebb and flow of religiosity would take volumes and still be incomplete due to great gaps in written history and the understanding of the events and societies at various times of cataclysmic changes in spirituality. On more recent histories, the French Revolution, where the God anointed Royals were put to the guillotine by the masses fed up with their religiously prescribed lot comes to mind. In the East, the Russian Orthodoxy is making somewhat of a comeback after decades of suppression under Communism (again, the people’s uprising against the supposedly God appointed Czar and royalty) and current leaderships embrassing of the religion for its own purposes. In the grand scheme of things, religion has always been used as a means to control the masses by those who lead them. The Christian faith and bible were not widespread until the Roman Cesar, I believe Constantine (too lazy to look it up) decided to consolidate various Christian texts into one which would give him the “Godly ordained” power to rule over his Empire. It was such a great rendition of these texts that it has held more or less ever since. Right sadly until this very present time, with Evangelicals belief that Trump was chosen by their God to lead the United States back into its God ordained place in the world.
I’m noticing a recent influx of followers of Jesus (Harold? Is that his middle name?) Christ. They...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 26, 2019:
If everyone they go after blocks them, they will eventually run out of energy and leave. Or the moderator will get them on the radar and zap them.
Male Birth Control Pills --- Now the accusations of, "you lied about being on the pill" will be ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 25, 2019:
Not only that, but if they don’t work, or the guy lies, the woman still winds up pregnant. Not him.
Tattoo's, what do you think of them and do you have a preference of body art or statements? (yes, ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 23, 2019:
Not a fan. It wouldn’t be a deal breaker if I met someone was a great match otherwise. I consider them a self esteem issue. A need to deface perfectly good epidermis with ink. Kind of like putting graffiti, not always good, on the sides of a beautiful mansion that you can never remove without destroying the walls.
The apocalypse is for real this time people. Brace yourselves ? []
Barnie2years comments on Mar 23, 2019:
Wow! Guess I don’t have to worry what to get people for Christmas. ?
"Texas House legalizes Lemonade Stands" That this is even necessary is mind boggling. ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 22, 2019:
They can go on summer vacation now that they actually did something!! ?
Militant Agnostics? I have to say the agnostics that I know personally are pretty mild mannered ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 22, 2019:
I used to think of Atheists as Fundamentalists non-believers, ie, radical. So for years I preferred to refer to my non belief as Agnostic. I have since realized that Atheists, like most other personal beliefs, come in astronomical varieties, from the militant to the closeted. So I now proudly assume the Atheists designation and as a sidebar, have become somewhat more critical of the religious stranglehold in this country. Even more so since The Orange Diety assumed office and takes the country down the sewer hole of theocracy.
Atheism is just another religion. Here’s why: 1. You spend too much time thinking about the ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 21, 2019:
Only someone who has no idea what Atheism is, has never really been around non believers, and been brainwashed by his religion would even put forth such an ignorant list of things Atheists never do. It's the equivalent of saying motorcycle riding is a religion, or exercising is a religion. Thanks for the chuckle! ?
Oprah winfrey and stephen colbert take turns mocking god, jesus and the bible on the late show
Barnie2years comments on Mar 21, 2019:
What a bunch of claptrap. I am 67 years old and still find it amazing that people can read this kind of spew and entertain the idea that it matters. The author of this article is just the Christian version of the Taliban, so insecure in their belief that they fear any humor directed at their “savior.” Sadly, they have enough followers as to allow them to become very wealthy, all tax free. The only requirement to make that money is to keep your believers in total fear and make them believe you have the best way for them to enjoy life...after they die.
A beautifully wonderful end to the day ❀ my life!
Barnie2years comments on Mar 19, 2019:
Wore them out, did you? ?
[] 7 US Military members are discovered to be White Nationalists. - Do you think they ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 18, 2019:
From the Daily Beast: In a Military Times poll of more than 1,000 active-duty troops, nearly one in four said they had seen white nationalism in the military. Forty-two percent of non-white respondents said they had personally experienced white nationalism in the military, as opposed to only 18 percent of white respondents. Thirty percent of all respondents said white nationalists posed a significant threat to national security, more than Syria, which only 27 percent of respondents described as a national security threat. Nearly 5 percent of respondents wrote comments complaining that groups like Black Lives Matter should have been included as national security threats, the Military Times reported.
I’ll start. 1. It’s pretty slippery, you should slow down! 2. Maybe she’ll let me squeeze ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 18, 2019:
Just get off already!
[] Chuck Grassley, GOP Senator, is furious and retaliating against Trump White House ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 17, 2019:
One can only hope that a few of the remaining non teabag Republicans have an ounce of patriotism left in their old bones.
Look, Ma, no hands! This is the best invention ever created. Violet is happily snoozing while I...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 15, 2019:
What’s old is new again! This was the way children were transported in one form or another, for centuries. Then someone designed baby buggies and strollers, not to mention the 60 lb jobs women used to kill themselves trying to get in the bus, generally with the baby in the seat. We used carriers like this, then backpacks when my son get bigger. They love the body contact and the views, way better than being at ground level.
I need comedy right now. Please feel free to post anything that has recently made you laugh.
Barnie2years comments on Mar 13, 2019:
A little local color, ?
An unfortunate truth in our society
Barnie2years comments on Mar 13, 2019:
Sadly, as societies evolve, this is pretty standard, until those at the bottom rise up and revolt. Or the social structure collapses because of the greed. Our time is coming.
Anyone else love their bed?
Barnie2years comments on Mar 11, 2019:
No, I am more prone to “bedepression”: The feeling of ennui every morning when my bed is the perfect comfort level but I know I have to get up and take the dog for a walk! ?
Sometimes I wonder why I even bother caring. Way to appeal to your evangelical base. I'm so ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 9, 2019:
They are his followers. To them he is the second coming, no matter how flawed, because he is the only one promising to do away with the Constitution and replace it with a theocracy run by oligarchs. Dedicated believers are the easiest to manipulate. That’s why in Russia the Orthodox Church has cemented ties with Putin. If you can believe the fantasy of an invisible entity, it’s a small step to believe he chose your leader. And the bond between religion and politics serves both very well.
So, Shawn doesn't want me to move, huh ! I told he he has to quit the smoking, yet again, get help ...
Barnie2years comments on Mar 6, 2019:
Sadly, with his issues, he will try to drag you back in every time you try to move on. You don’t mention if he has violent tendencies. If he does, that can make the returning dangerous, not just a mistake. You have your work cut out for you and some serious choices for your own well being to think about.


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