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Shit my other son says... While discussing our plans for the day, I told him it was my sister's and sister-in-law's birthday and how a small group were getting together to celebrate with Mexican food and birthday shenanigans. He asked what kind of...
Amzungu IL May 24 May 24 44
After a 30 year stint as a Christian, I am celebrating 3 year of deprogramming . It may not seem like a big deal for those who didn’t grow up around religion but it is to me. These 3 years have been great. I actually feel like a better person. ...
abyers1970 GA May 12 May 12 77
Donald Trump is in deep shit up to his nose due to his total bunging of the handling of the COVID- 19 crisis, and is now realizing that his next screw-up on the issue will make a big wave. So, he trying to wash his hands of the entire crisis and ...
wordywalt FL May 8 May 8 11
I have been on a long journey sexually. As a child I was indoctrinated with so many negative aspects of sexuality back in the 1930's. I developed a huge number if inhibitions. Later I worked abroad in many countries where there were different ...
Ruperte UK May 3 May 3 22
Seems legit!
Petter Spain May 2 May 2 11
Wonder what she sounds like?
Tomfoolery33 WV Apr 22 Apr 22 00
Raising your children without religious influence
Automaton73 TX Apr 20 Apr 20 4242
For all of you that are sheltering in place and wanted to catch a musical today and for the next 7 Fridays they are being streamed free on you tube. Select Andrew Lloyd Webber productions will stream on YouTube for 48 hours at a time ...
glennlab TX Apr 10 Apr 10 33
Please say hello to @JohnHocker who has joined the group. Feel free to post your favourite music.
Marionville UK Apr 1 Apr 1 11
Zoom is Leaking Peoples' Email Addresses and Photos to Strangers For at least a few thousand people, Zoom has treated their personal email addresses as if they all belong to the same company, letting them video call each other.
FearlessFly MN Apr 1 Apr 1 00
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Things seem very quiet here in Delray Beach
Sensei FL Mar 27 Mar 27 33
Our President Death wants to return to an economy that no longer exists and never will!! This trump Blood Sacrifice for Wall Street, the wealthy and their corporations!!! How long can we let this insane demented delusional government remain in ...
of-the-mountain TX Mar 24 Mar 24 00
US Air Force Reserves finally drops proselytizing video after MRFF demand!
of-the-mountain TX Mar 23 Mar 23 1010
One for you "lovers" of 45. He or his followers have come up with the expression "Trump Derangement Syndrome". Has anyone come up with a term to identify these indoctrinated / hypnotised / mentally deranged people who trot the expression out to ...
FrayedBear Australia Mar 19 Mar 19 22
Eat your heart out at Australian ingenuity - Outback Australian bidet and answer to toilet paper panic:
FrayedBear Australia Mar 18 Mar 18 33
Education does not equal education. Getting "educated" is code word for indoctrinated. We have to "educate" our students to behave properly in the workforce. "Educated" people in North Korea bow and scrape and kiss Kim Jongs feet. If you don't,...
Capitalist TX Mar 2 Mar 2 33
LINK Trump calls on liberal justices to recuse themselves from his cases
bobwjr DE Feb 26 Feb 26 77
Woohoo..sliding right down that banister
mistymoon77 MN Feb 16 Feb 16 00
The Real Witch Hunt is the destruction of our institutions and our way of life!!! The complete insanity of the Republican Party!!! Pure all out lies, deceit, and fraud are their calling cards of the Fascist police state they are creating in ...
of-the-mountain TX Feb 16 Feb 16 00
Striking Lady
OldMetalHead AZ Feb 15 Feb 15 11
"You are decent. He is not. The sun will rise again. Truth will be recorded in history. I put my faith in the optimism of the founders who created Impeachment. For a man like Donald J Trump; they gave us a remedy. They want you to use it...and ...
Robecology FL Feb 3 Feb 3 77
ABOUT THIS WORD, “ATHEIST.” I’ve been having intense discussions in several threads about the “meaning” of the word “atheist”…and thought I would devote a new thread to it specifically. First of all…its etymology. The word ...
FrankA NJ Feb 3 Feb 3 77
prestonw1243 MO Jan 31 Jan 31 33
It must be a requirement to say that.
Tomfoolery33 WV Jan 29 Jan 29 00
I was indoctrinated into the Church of Christ Community as a child. As a person with Asperger syndrome, (a fact I became aware of much later in life), It was a bit surreal, the fire and brimstone approach baffled me, it didn't fit with a 'benevolent ...
RobertJoha TX Jan 28 Jan 28 44
From Director Guillermo del Toro one of his best films, "Pan's Labyrinth," a 2006 Spanish-language film and winner of Oscars in cinematography, makeup and art direction. Story: During the Spanish Revolution in 1944 a young girl is drawn into a ...
Ray13 OH Jan 21 Jan 21 22
Pix from my friend’s place in St. John’s NFLD.
ToolGuy Canada Jan 20 Jan 20 11
Ian-Duggan Ireland Jan 11 Jan 11 11
After leaving the fold, what did you do to make new friends?
Ry-Studios OH Jan 6 Jan 6 11
This cathedral is my landmark for being halfway to grandma's house. It's located in Church Point, Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. It seemed like an eternity driving to grandma's so many times. It's only an hour or less away... Travelling ...
flower_nut Canada Dec 31 Dec 31 55
I don't think this is true.... I keep asking for a girlfriend but no luck so far :)
IamNobody IN Dec 30 Dec 30 33
A new original. Opinions?
KevinAverett UT Dec 26 Dec 26 22
Mark 10:25 (NRSV) - It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. The meaning of this that I was indoctrinated with is that there is actually a back door entrance to heaven for...
gsiamne NE Dec 22 Dec 22 44
I feel this one. I hurt my wrist while brushing my teeth the other day. 🤦‍♀️
Kynlei IN Dec 16 Dec 16 44
Here’s one I haven’t heard in decades, the humbug holiday tune, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch! Done with style and gusto
Justjoni CA Dec 15 Dec 15 33
What a wolf
OldMetalHead AZ Dec 9 Dec 9 00
Thanksgiving Is Dedicated to Erasing the Ruthlessness of English Settlers Now that Thanks Giving is over I'd like to suggest we reflect on the terrorism our ascendants brought to a world from their own. In which approximately 90%...
William_Mary OH Dec 1 Dec 1 11
Heidi68 NC Dec 1 Dec 1 11
Good morning and happy thanksgiving all from Miss Skinny Minny!
Cutiebeauty NY Nov 28 Nov 28 66
I love long haired men 💜
DeeWoman OR Nov 27 Nov 27 77
The two Ronnies at their best
webspider555 UK Nov 27 Nov 27 11
"It's not normal when I know I'm smarter than the President." -- Wanda Sykes.
WonderWartHog99 SC Nov 21 Nov 21 44
This study makes me think I've been a bit too hard on people afflicted with religion. I'm aware that in most cases they have been indoctrinated or abused, and in some cases suffer from certain mental & emotional disadvantages. But many (most) of them...
mischl FL Nov 5 Nov 5 2121
Admit nothing.
scurry Canada Nov 2 Nov 2 22
Si: Scream Eileen your turning green. Bray Ray your morphing grey. Ned your all red, are you dead? Andy are you randy you're the color of brandy. Barbara, you're bubbling a hue of blue, do you have a clue? Olivia envy will pale ...
azzow2 NM Oct 28 Oct 28 22
an interesting piece on how terminology is changing, and how it affects us all, religious and not -
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Oct 26 Oct 26 1313
Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire.
EyesThatSmile FL Oct 23 Oct 23 55
Gino Jennings denied visa to Australia Finally I have something positive to report about our government. Lets face it footballers and more to the point indoctrinated footballers are not known for their intelligence so imigration gets top ...
rathswohl Australia Oct 20 Oct 20 22
I received notification in my alerts that @Zesty had commented on my recent post "Just brought to my attention by an American correspondent is this 2 year old Deutsche Welle posting ...". When I went to read her erudite response there was no comment visible. Her cute little avatar showed in the list of visitors to the post so I pressed on it to...
FrayedBear Australia Oct 13 Oct 13 1616
Anyone have an adult child who is struggling to figure out what they believe? I have one, in her 30's who actually seems to slightly resent the fact that I raised her without telling her god was real. She feels like life is easier for her friends who...
onewithnature IN Oct 12 Oct 12 3737
Have you ever had sex so good you couldn't move for half an hour? I've had some partners who felt that after really rough sex, but it happened to me for the first time tonight 😂 Ah, the wonders of breaking bed frames during intercourse...
kasmian Portugal Oct 3 Oct 3 1717
LINK MN public school board chairwoman: Evolution is outdated because ‘it was discovered in the 1800s’ – DeadState
ATDayHiker TN Sep 19 Sep 19 22
The times that it's so hard to keep my mouth shut.... 38 When someone has indoctrinated their 4 yr old child so much that the kid wants to rename his baby brother "baby Jesus." ::::eyeroll::::: FYI, my kids never came up with that bullshit ...
Larimar MO Sep 14 Sep 14 11
I'm sure this applies to more places, but it's spot-on for (Ottawa) Ontario.
scurry Canada Sep 13 Sep 13 55
My loving and caring parents are actively trying to pass down Christianity to my little, impressionable toddlers. Part of me asks what harm would it do, and part of me asks if I really want my kids to be deeply indoctrinated. I'm approaching ...
Biblebeltskeptic SC Sep 4 Sep 4 4545
I bumped into this dicks in the Fringe Festival at the Royal Mile, Edinburgh!
Merseyman1 FL Sep 2 Sep 2 66
Good morning all...I could not resist
RobertNappi2 CO Sep 1 Sep 1 11
😂😂😂😂 My parents would tell me to tell my friends that. I just wouldn’t even invite them.
1EarthLovingGal OK Sep 1 Sep 1 11
INDIAN TRIBAL RIGHTS A new plan on the rights of Indian tribes from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a presidential candidate, includes the ability legalize marijuana without federal interference. “A number of Tribal Nations view cannabis as ...
OldGoat43 PA Aug 19 Aug 19 11
Dangerously ticklish: Dust those luscious lips with that delicate paintbrush. Whisper of a wish that swishes on your tender ear. Dimples lofting in the air muff up your hair. Sent of pungent amorous all around us. Feathery touch ...
azzow2 NM Aug 18 Aug 18 00
Donald Trump Grapples With Self-Inflicted Economic Wounds As Markets Plunge | The Last Word | MSNBC
chalupacabre WA Aug 15 Aug 15 11
It reads like another obsessive compulsive speaking for themself and wanting to enforce their will on others. And where is the evidence to say nothing of asking if it is credible and not just more hearsay? The article does remind readers of the ...
FrayedBear Australia Aug 8 Aug 8 44
For those of you in a polyamorous relationship... what does it take to make it work? If starting with an open relationship how might it turn poly?
Wildflower FL Aug 4 Aug 4 66
Maturity can be wonderful!
MojoDave FL Aug 3 Aug 3 22
My interfaith relationship renewed my connection to Judaism. A fun article. Now that I'm single again, I ask myself would I entertain the idea of dating someone Jewish? The only Jewish men in my life were my Israeli boyfriend who ...
sassygirl3869 NY Aug 2 Aug 2 22
The Kinks. - All Day And All Of The Night,
Marionville UK Aug 1 Aug 1 22
Dwight Yoakam - Can't You Hear Me Calling; really early Dwight, unplugged
CynicalGirl TX July 31 Jul 31 11
If you haven’t been indoctrinated by Christianity then you probably won’t be able to understand. One of the biggest freedoms I’ve felt since leaving is that I can just focus on myself and making the best me I can. I no longer feel the urge ...
abyers1970 GA July 28 Jul 28 1414
Not A True Atheist -- We mostly see this with Xtians, saying "you're not really atheist, you're just mad at god". It's a ploy to disavow anyone having no beliefs, therefore making a claim that everyone, whether they are willing to admit it or not, ...
NoPlanetB OK July 26 Jul 26 3333
I’ve decided I’ll never get down to my original weight and I’m okay with that... After all, 6 lbs 3 oz is just not realistic.
Lilac-Jade Canada July 23 Jul 23 33
Protester's Vandalise Beijing's office in Hongkong
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong July 21 Jul 21 00
Growing up in a secular family, I was not indoctrinated into any religious or theistic beliefs. Unfortunately that means I can never be an apostate. I will never experience the thrill of being excommunicated, disfellowshipped, or even the joys of ...
dumasarok MN July 17 Jul 17 2828
I spent the afternoon lounging around and in the pool with about 35 of my naturists friends. That is a great group of people, and very sociable. As far as I can tell, there's absolutely and utterly nothing sexual about a bunch a naked people getting ...
mischl FL July 14 Jul 14 22
Name a song with "baby" in the title. I think the Motown hits had the most. How about you? "Baby I need your loving" by the Four Tops is one. Can you add to the list? Any Motown fans out there?
sassygirl3869 NY July 10 Jul 10 1818
Kellyanne Conway went shopping and found a good parking space.
noworry28 FL July 6 Jul 6 11
Happy 4th of July! USA @ 2019: 1) Obese, un healthy people now does the majority of "Body Shaming" 2) Trumpsters constantly remind everyone else how "Stupid they are" 3) Religious fanatics who have been indoctrinated remind everyone else ...
twill IN July 4 Jul 4 11
Musk, speaking at the Sorbonne, in France, about climate change. Important;
Robecology FL July 1 Jul 1 33
I believe humans are naturally sexually promiscuous and perhaps bisexual, tho typically indoctrinated against both since an early age. If I am right, bonobos are likely a living example of early human cultures...
MoonTigerII OH June 29 Jun 29 77
You’ll still...
MissKathleen AZ June 23 Jun 23 44
Baked veggies and shrooms. Cauliflower, Broccoli, baby buttons. Cut in the morning, tossed in olive oil with spices added and put in fridge for everything to infuse. Onion, garlic, pepper, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (just like the song). ...
Mark013 WI June 22 Jun 22 44
WWWWWAAAAAA ha ha ha ha ha . . . Say What?
THHA AZ June 20 Jun 20 11
Retired Turkish spy claims he warned CIA about 9/11 attacks 40 days in advance The founder of the counter-terrorism department of Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MIT) has claimed in his new book that he warned U.S. Central ...
William_Mary OH June 17 Jun 17 33
Absolutely Disgusting - West Virginia Senate passes bill that would ban teacher strikes - WTF!!!! - Is this even legal? - West Virginia teachers are poorly paid.
sassygirl3869 NY June 4 Jun 4 11
Some days are like this...
mistymoon77 MN May 29 May 29 55
This senario is scary but that is my intention. If things blow up with Iran, A US aircraft carrier will be lost. It will be a true tradgedy with massive loss of life and a nuclear reactor on the bottom of the ocean. However, as the US is in foreign...
powder Australia May 25 May 25 11
LINK Gambling-addict granny nicknamed 'Losing Streak Lois', 57, is charged with her husband's murder, a year after she 'shot him dead' and sparked a nationwide manhunt by fleeing to the Mexican border
IAJO163 PA May 25 May 25 00
Wait till I find him!
Tomfoolery33 WV May 21 May 21 00
Is this true to some of you? :-)
RoyMillar Canada May 19 May 19 77
This is what happens when you are indoctrinated in fundamental evangelism - champion Rugby player sacked for homophobic internet posts:
FrayedBear Australia May 17 May 17 33
Heraclitus NC May 17 May 17 00
probly should have been Mon. better late...
Casey07 CA May 7 May 7 11
LINK The Three Levels of Self-Awareness - Mark Manson - Pocket
Tomfoolery33 WV May 5 May 5 22
LINK Cheerfulness cannot be compulsory, whatever the T-shirts say | Aeon Essays
Tomfoolery33 WV May 4 May 4 1111
Another generation gets indoctrinated😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
toxdoc NC May 4 May 4 33
Ry Cooder and V.M> Bhatt PIsa Lei from a Meeting by the River
Spinliesel NY May 1 May 1 33
church people are so indoctrinated that they believe that violating your privacy somehow serves a greater good that convincing you that their way is right is really the correct thing to do. my coworker told me that her 10 year old daughter was upset...
m16566 CO Apr 30 Apr 30 1717
Radiohead - There There Somehow the phrase "Just because you feel it, doesn't mean it's there" popped into my head this morning. Not sure if this is what Thom had in mind, but for me it's reminder that things aren't necessarily true because we ...
Max_d_cat OK Apr 29 Apr 29 00
I'm struggling a lot lately with a lot of things. My job has gotten just really stressful and dramatic while we are understaffed and they make no motion to fix it. It's been just hell on all of us and we are all tired of it but they won't hire ...
LadyAlyxandrea KS Apr 27 Apr 27 77
Edited for length and clarity, reposted due to notifications being down: I'm still relatively new to polyamory; I'd been considering it for a while, and began dating someone who just happened to be poly. He told me after three dates. We have been ...
Nottheonlyone IN Apr 24 Apr 24 55
Do you have your card ready?
GeorgeRocheleau AZ Apr 19 Apr 19 55