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"If there is a gateway to hell, a portal from the underworld used by demons and witches to wreak their evil havoc on humanity, then it could be in a small east Midlands cave handy for both the M1 and A60."

"Heritage experts have revealed what is thought to be the biggest concentration of apotropaic marks, or symbols to ward off evil or misfortune, ever found in the UK."


Jnei 8 Feb 15
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The ancients HAD to invent something to instill fear! And MANKIND still finds ways to instill fear, no matter what religion, lack of religion- there is some group trying to find some way to instill that basic, magical inspired fear of powerful beings, people,or fantastic creatures. Of course the mind plays tricks and we see many many things that are actually put in our minds by talented perpetrators! Eh??




Why are the witches always depicted as nasty crones? most of the witches that I have known were pretty hot.

Surfpirate Level 8 Feb 15, 2019

Witches want to look like nasty crones, as all Terry Pratchett fans know: Discworld's most powerful witch Granny Weatherwax, for example, wishes to look like everyone's idea of a witch with missing teeth and facial warts, but is a handsome woman with a commanding presence.


Cool. I'll put it on my list of places to go. Go to hell!


Hey maybe if they go deeper down they might find the River Styx and Hooded Old Charon standing at the rudder of his boat as well....LOL.

Triphid Level 8 Feb 15, 2019

Somehow, I never imagined Charon would have an English East Midlands accent.

@Jnei Since Charon is also mythological then I doubt, just as with ALL other mythological beings, if he'd even have a voice to have an accent of any kind at all.

@Triphid The East Midlands are mythological, too.

@Jnei The British Isles abound with mythologies, on my father's side of the family we can trace back to the early Celtic and Druid lines from before the Norman Invasion.

@Triphid That would be a very long time before the Norman Invasion!

@Jnei I still have a set of Druid runic stones that were handed down through the family from way, way back in the dim and dusty ages past.
The little leather bag has seen better days but is still holding its own though.



bobwjr Level 9 Feb 15, 2019

Caves had been thought to be entrances to the underworld for marking an entrance to a deep cave made sense to them..

Charlene Level 9 Feb 15, 2019
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