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So, how are you dealing with the social security, lack of income, insurance, copays and rent mortgage and so on. My wife was misdiagnosed with MS about 3 years ago even though she was asymptomatic. I just found out today that insurance for the with our current carrier will be 2.3× her SSI. We're still waiting on SSDI. What does one do? I can't work because I have to care for her. Oh, her neurologist dicided that she has CNS vasculitis. It's being treated as an AI disease. That came after two 8 day hospitalizations and 10 microstrakes.

Dingodog 7 July 3
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I'm sorry. the best suggestions I have are to reach out to as many organizations as possible. Often if you are having issues with SSDA (unsure if this is the case), your local Congresscritter or Senator can be of assistance. (Our Senator's office even does thing's like find people dental care, help with utility bills, etc.) I'd suggest starting with Social Services, then calling the local hospital or your doc to see if there is an organization deals specifically with her illness in your town. Often these groups know the local resources. Ask your pharmacist if they know if there is a state prescription assistance program. If your town has a Council on Aging or a PACE center, that might also be a place to start looking. In quire at the nearest college, esp. if it has a College For Older Adults. And as always, ASK A LOCAL LIBRARIAN!!! (We know things.)

BookDeath Level 8 July 4, 2018

Im sorry to hear that, and I understand.
I’m feeling kinda lucky not to have a house of my own, or property...because I’d be losing it anyway. I’ve got back hospital bills, and I hope someday to pay them. If they can get blood out of rocks, I’d like to know HOW.
I’m on Disability also and it’s a struggle. Without my kids helping me, I’d be in worse shape.


Welcome to tRumps America

nvrnuff Level 8 July 3, 2018

I figured we'd be walking down the well worn American path to destitution and financial ruin. I just had no idea that it's really a sprint. My wife Kaiser. Our insuancevwas practically free. I had no idea what people had to pay. The deductibles are $7,300.00 on their best plan with $50.00 copays ,. The premiums are h$3200.00 for all five of us.. Herer infusions are at 14K a pop 2 times a year.. Our mortgage is is very low when one considers the average price of single family homes is 475K. Downsizing would result in a higher mortgage (I'm a realtor since 1993) I just destroyed. For those of you who have gone through this, did you use an elder attorney? Were they helpful. I understand it is SOP to be denied SSDI at least once regardless of the horrific disabilities disabikiy they have. Any, what dilobdo, what do cut? I'd really like TALK to someone about they're experience had been, how they are living day yo day,,buyers, etc. If any one compelled to share you story. Idcreally appreciate your input. My triplets may qualify for Medicaid. I'm not making anything because I'm 24/7 health care. 720-329-8140 I don't answer unrecognized numbers so please leave a message.

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