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For today's game of "whats that weird random pain"

I broke my big toe. Bad.

That should be something you remember doing or have a vague idea how it happened.

I was just sitting at my desk not doing anything and suddenly my toe hurt like something sharp was being pushed to the skin

Took my shoe off and my toe is broken. And no my shoes weren't too tight or too small.

It. Broke. Itself.

How does that even happen!? (Side note the flash kinda lightened the bruise, it's dark purple-red and shaped like the joint and is all the way onto the pad of the toe)

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Nov 1
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I was told after breaking my smallest toe to see a Dr every time. It's possible to break it such a way that it needs to be pinned to heal properly. At the very least it should be taped to the toe next to it - and made sure that it is still aligned with the joint etc..

Yes it's a pain in the butt - but - maybe they can fit you in quickly as you work there?

Ouch! Hang in there.

RavenCT Level 9 Nov 1, 2018

I've broken each toe about a dozen times and never went to the doc. My moms a nurse so she just taped them and off I went. Even when she nearly cut my big toe off in a weird recliner accident we just superglued it back together lol. My pinkie toes are permanently cockeyed and my right middle toe is crooked. This is the first time I've broken a toe by not doing anything though. I'll mention it to my doc next time cause I'm more worried that means my bones are weakening than my toes are cattywampus lol

@LadyAlyxandrea Could it be dislocation rather then breaks?

@RavenCT possibly. It's less swollen today

@LadyAlyxandrea Oh honey. That's just awful. ((((LadyA))))) I broke a toe just once and I still remember the throbbing in time to my heartbeat.

I also remember my Yoga teacher at the time coming in the same week with a broken toe. And the next week with a broken toe on the other foot. (It was definitely assault on small toe week).

She said "The Universe is trying to tell me to be mindful". rofl

I was thinking "Well gee the Universe is trying to tell me that Gliding rockers are immovable objects you WILL break your piggy toe on!". (Laundry basket didn't let me see how close I was to the base.). My Mom never saw me cuss that hard until that moment. I was terrified to take my sock off and find my toe had been removed. It was at least 5 minutes before I was willing to look down and see if there was blood or not.

Sometimes imagination is not my friend.

@RavenCT lmao that reminds me of the time I was at the gas station and a guy opened the door and it ripped over my foot. It hurt so bad and i was so scared to take my shoe and sock off because they were covered in blood. I got to my moms house and screamed for her. She removed my shoe and sock and it had ripped my toenail straight up 90° and the toe was just profusely bleeding. The er removed the nail but the bone was only bruised.


Are you sure it's broken? I've never seen your toes before, but it doesn't look disfigured.

nvrnuff Level 8 Nov 1, 2018

Its bent up and you can feel the bone in the pad of the toe

@LadyAlyxandrea Sorry, going to see Dr.?

@nvrnuff nah not unless it falls off or turns black lol docs can't do shit for broken toes

@LadyAlyxandrea Sure hoping that doesn't happen.

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