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I've a lengthy to do list today, despite wanting to spend it all in bed. So far I'm doing good. Frequent breaks, doing what I can do sitting down.

I still need to get the trash together so my brother can take it out for me (too hard to take it upstairs and outside, plus he owes me)

I made my lunches for the week, am doing my laundry. Need to put a new sheet on my bed, because I hate the sheet on it right now.

Hope I can vacuum...

LadyAlyxandrea 8 July 13
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Best of luck with your list. I have one too. I can usually get a few things done in the morning and a few things in the evening. The whole middle chunk of the day tends to be "oh hell no" lately.

vita Level 7 July 14, 2018

Laundry - complete
Making bed - next commercial
Trash - 1/2 done
Vacuuming - TBD

My ongoing project I want to do is to rearrange my living room/library. I need to move my dress stand to a different location and put the tv area there, so I can watch from my couch without turning my head. My issue there is the dress stand is screwed into the wall, above shoulder height, and I'm being punished so I have to switch tvs with my mum eventually. My couch needs the back on one side fixed because when we put it together we didn't latch one side and now the back leans. Again a two person job, preferably one with hands.

I need a coffee table but I'm SUPER picky and have only found ONE I like, but it was sold before I could get it, and can't find one like it.

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