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I am currently working with Amber pharmacy out of Omaha with my humira program and I have to say, they are the most comprehensive and fully amazing pharmacy I've ever seen. All the pharmacies around here just fill meds but this place has coordinators who specifically help patients get on assistance programs, they have package management, nurse assistance,'s almost a whole other world compared to the pharmacies here. They ship meds to you and make sure you get them with gifts and welcome packages and nurses call you and like

What the heck I am suspicious I've never met such caring and kind people who work as a team to special tailor treatments for rare diseases and actively advocate for rare diseases.

Have any of yall had experiences with this magical too-good-too-be-true mythical place or am I just completely jaded by my craphole state???

This pharmacy magically in less than 3 minutes took my copay from 4155 a MONTH down to 5 dollars when I've been fighting for THREE YEARS to get on humira, and then got my medication to me not even two full days later. WITH a free quality tote bag, water bottle, informational booklet, notebook, calendar, reminder stickers for the calendar, a free doctors office quality sharps container, and a folder full of promises of hope and a better future...

....did....did I just sell my soul to satan or am I going to wake up in a motel bathroom without a kidney???

LadyAlyxandrea 8 May 18
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